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Photographs - Collections - 201-250 - #00225

Title: Francis Wold

Dates: 1894-1993

Collection Number: 00225

Quantity: 203 items

Abstract: Images of people and buildings in Regan, Canfield, Goodrich, Wilton, and Wing (N.D.). Some of the images were used in history publications about Wilton and Sunne Lutheran Church.

Provenance: Frances Wold allowed the State Historical Society of North Dakota to borrow, copy, and return the Frances Wold photos in October 1991.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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Biographical Sketch

Frances Margaret Cox Wold was born to Leonard and Faye Lesley Cox on October 2, 1915 in Bismarck, North Dakota. The Wolds had another daughter, Ruth and a son, Winston. The family lived in Benedict, Fort Clark and Sanger, ND. Frances attended Garrison High School and graduated from Bismarck High School in 1933. She passed her state teacher examinations in 1934 and from 1934 to 1938 was a rural school teacher in Sheridan and Oliver counties. She married Joseph Wold on November 2, 1938 in Bismarck and they raised three children: Janet, Meryl, and Clark.

Frances no longer taught school after she married, however, in the 1950s she began work as a reporter and weekly columnist for the Wilton News. In 1986 the Wilton News became the Leader/News and Frances continued her weekly column, “From the Files.” She continued to write for the Leader/News as well as the Bismarck Tribune and a biweekly column for the Farm and Ranch Guide, “Then and Now,” until 1994. She had a special interest in North Dakota history and this collection contains her extensive research files on a variety of topics.
Frances had articles and book reviews published in a variety of newspapers, magazines and journals including North Dakota Outdoors, REC Magazine, the Minneapolis Star & Tribune, North Dakota History, and the Fargo Forum. Two collections of her columns have been published: Prairie Scrapbook and Then and Now.

Frances was the Regan Town Clerk for 28 years, was Treasurer for the Regan School Board, Burleigh County Special Education Board member for nine years, taught Sunday School, Bible School, Adult Bible classes and vacation Bible School at Sunne Lutheran Church in Regan and was a guest speaker for a North Dakota history class at the University of Mary for six years. Frances earned many awards including one from the American Association for State and Local History in 1978, the Woman of Achievement award from the ND Press Women in 1985, and Excellence in Local History award from the ND State Historical Board in 1988.

Frances Wold died in Bismarck September 20, 1995. Her husband Joseph preceded her in death in Regan in 1971.

Photographs Inventory

00225-00001 First State Bank of Regan (N.D.) 1920                
00225-00002 Drug Store, Regan (N.D.) 1920              
00225-00003 Regan State Bank, Regan (N.D.)   1920              
00225-00004 Elevators and railroad, Regan (N.D.) 1920                        
00225-00005 Residential street, Regan (N.D.) 1920                
00225-00006 Regan School, Regan (N.D.) 1920                        
00225-00007 Ole Wold's four horses: Nellie, Jen, Fly, and Maggie     1909-1910         
00225-00008 “In the Wild & Rocky West” at the rocks near Regan (N.D.) 1909-1910
00225-00009 Teacher Emil Broders in his classroom, Canfield (N.D.)   1909-1910       
00225-00010 Threshing near Canfield (N.D.)   1909-1910                     
00225-00011 Anna Hanson, daughter of Anton and Anna Hanson 1909-1910             
00225-00012 Barney and Alice Strand 1909-1910                     
00225-00013 Art Strand age 12, the Cowboy at his Shack, Canfield (N.D.) 1909-1910
00225-00014 Moonlight on the lake, Canfield (N.D.)         1909-1910                
00225-00015 Emil Broders standing in snow in front of sod house      1909-1910        
00225-00016 Landscape scene at Canfield (N.D.)  1909-1910             
00225-00017 Andrew Olson family at their homestead, Canfield Twp. (N.D.) 1909-1910       
00225-00018 Classroom in Andrews (later Canfield) Twp. (N.D.)        1909-1910         
00225-00019 Celebration outside Pioneer General Store Sachs Brothers, Wing (N.D.) 07/04/1911 (neg. only)
00225-00020 Street view Hotel Wilton 1908 (neg. only)       
00225-00021 Mrs. Ole Olson, Mrs. Pete Sands, Mrs. Andrew Olson, and Mrs. John Krogstad in front of sod house 1909-1910
00225-00022 Public School, Goodrich (N.D.) 1919
00225-00023 Anna Wold, Olaf Wold, Joseph Wold, Ragna Wold  1909-1910                
00225-00024 The Rolling Prairies, Canfield (N.D.)          1909-1910                     
00225-00025 Richard and Florence Borner and sons Noel and Paul, Carp Lake (Mich.) 1952
00225-00026 Florence and Richard Borner, Baldwin (N.D.)    1936                    
00225-00027 Richard and Florence Borner in their home in Indiana 1960
00225-00028 Paul Borner, Post Office Clerk, Carp Lake (Mich.) 1964
00225-00029 Schoolhouse, Baldwin (N.D.) 1920
00225-00030 Florence and Richard Borner’s rented farm house 1 mile east of Baldwin (N.D.)   ca. 1925
00225-00031 Town hall on fire, Baldwin (N.D.) 1936
00225-00032 Main street, Baldwin (N.D.) 1925
00225-00033 Dedication of the Sunne Lutheran Church building, Slaughter (N.D.) 1894
00225-00034 Early Canfield settlers, Burleigh County (N.D.) 1909-1910
00225-00035 Inset of a schoolhouse over view of a town     XX
00225-00036 Burlington Northern snowplow and two engines stuck west of Regan (N.D.) 03/00/1982
00225-00037 Soo Line Depot, Wilton (N.D.)    ca. 1910
00225-00038 Sunne Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wilton (N.D.) 1968
00225-00039 Sunne Lutheran Church, Wilton (N.D.) ca. 1930
00225-00040 Sunne Lutheran Church, Wilton (N.D.) 1968
00225-00041 Sunne Lutheran Church, Wilton (N.D.) 06/16/1985
00225-00042 Sunne Lutheran Church, Wilton (N.D.) 1983
00225-00043 Interior Sunne Lutheran Church, Wilton (N.D.)  1983           
00225-00044 Interior, Sunne Lutheran Church, Wilton (N.D.) 1983          
00225-00045 – 00046 Freshman and Sophomores, Regan High School, Regan (N.D.)  05/00/1962
00225-00047 Juniors and Seniors, Regan High School, Regan (N.D.)  05/00/1962
00225-00048 Regan High School Class of 1952 at Regan 50th Jubilee    1962           
00225-00049 Regan High School Class of 1955 at Regan 50th Jubilee    1962           
00225-00050 Regan High School Class of 1947 at Regan 50th Jubilee    1962           
00225-00051 Regan High School Class of 1953 at Regan 50th Jubilee    1962           
00225-00052 Regan High School Class of 1948 at Regan 50th Jubilee    1962           
00225-00053 Regan High School Class of 1957 at Regan 50th Jubilee    1962
00225-00054 Regan School lower grades  05/00/1962          
00225-00055 Regan School lower grades  1936                        
00225-00056 Regan School upper grades  1937                        
00225-00057 Keep ND Clean Contest, Regan School 1976                   
00225-00058 Regan High School Class of 1950 reunion        1976                        
00225-00059 Farewell party for George Schmidt 05/00/1974            
00225-00060 Regan School, Regan (N.D.) 1980                        
00225-00061 Easter Hat Show, 7th and 8th grade, Regan School         1971                   
00225-00062 Easter Hat Show 5th and 6th grade, Regan School 1971             
00225-00063 Baseball team, Regan (N.D.) 1937                       
00225-00064 Joe Wold, mail carrier, Regan (N.D.)03/00/1950           
00225-00065 Joe Wold lifts his daughter Janet into the mail cart he used on the mail route, Regan (N.D.) 1945                          
00225-00066 Joe Wold leaving on the mail route on horseback with his dog Teddy, Regan (N.D.) 05/00/1950            
00225-00067 Soo Line freight train accident, 4 miles from Wilton (N.D.) 08/01/1924
00225-00068 Soo Line freight train wreck near Wilton (N.D) 08/01/1924     
00225-00069 Teacher and pupils in classroom, Wilton (N.D.) 1904-1911        
00225-00070 Wilton School students, Wilton (N.D.) ca. 1910             
00225-00071 Students in front of Wilton School, Wilton (N.D.) 1904-1911 (Oversize in map drawer)
00225-00072 Main Street, Wilton (N.D.) 1934          
00225-00073 Residential section of Dakota Ave., Wilton (N.D.) 1912
00225-00074 Nick Janiow  XX    
00225-00075a-b McLean County State Bank and Wilton Mercantile Company, Wilton (N.D.)  ca. 1910
00225-00076 Gilmore house on Bismarck Ave., Wilton (N.D.)  ca. 1910         
00225-00077 Sleet storm, Wilton (N.D.) ca. 1910                     
00225-00078 Snow storm, Wilton (N.D.)  1917                         
00225-00079 Greek Orthodox Church and residential street, Wilton (N.D.) ca. 1917
00225-00080 Gilmore house in snow, Bismarck Ave., Wilton (N.D.)      ca. 1917          
00225-00081 Dorthy Mathys in snow tunnel, Wilton (N.D.)    ca. 1917            
00225-00082 Bernie and Alfred Kelsven on the front steps of a house, Wilton (N.D.) ca. 1940
00225-00083 Business district, Wilton (N.D.) ca. 1910
00225-00084 Mr. and Mrs. (Vi) Van Fiegel     ca. 1935            
00225-00085 A group of Wilton (N.D.) matrons ca. 1935                      
00225-00086 Glenn and Eva Skinner and their son, Eugene    ca. 1940           
00225-00087 Alfred (Kelly) and Minne Kelsven ca. 1940                      
00225-00088 Mabel and Bert Flinn    ca. 1940            
00225-00089 Mrs. George Gray        ca. 1940              
00225-00090 Hazel Cotton Hansen     ca. 1928           
00225-00091 Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Danielson wearing miner helmets       XX                    
00225-00092 Canfield Consolidated School, Burleigh County (N.D.) ca. 1925              
00225-00093 Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Wilton (N.D.) 1950                         
00225-00094 Bethlehem Lutheran Church altar, Wilton (N.D.) 03/00/1928                 
00225-00095 Frank and Rose Riebe and their children, Albert, Floris and David at their home in Wilton (N.D.) 1918                 
00225-00096 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Riebe wedding portrait      1911                    
00225-00097 Four generations of the Boyer family, Wilton (N.D.) 1938                        
00225-00098 Jack Proctor in basketball uniform, Wilton High School, Wilton (N.D.) 1923-1924
00225-00099 Tom Truax in basketball uniform, Wilton High School, Wilton (N.D.) 1923-1924
00225-00100 Unknown basketball player in uniform, Wilton High School, Wilton (N.D.) 1923-1924
00225-00101 Unknown basketball player in uniform, Wilton High School, Wilton (N.D.) 1923-1924
00225-00102 Leonard Flinn in basketball uniform, Wilton High School, Wilton (N.D.) 1923-1924
00225-00103 Earl Biglar in basketball uniform, Wilton High School, Wilton (N.D.) 1923-1924
00225-00104 Basketball team, Wilton High School, Wilton (N.D.)       1923-1924
00225-00105 – 00106 Girls' basketball team, Wilton High School, Wilton (N.D.) 1924  
00225-00107 Group of Farmers' Union women, Still (N.D.)    1916-1917
00225-00108 – 00109 Burleigh County Farmers' Union meeting, Still (N.D.) 1916-1917  
00225-00110 – 00111 Still (N.D.) Homemakers' 50th Anniversary quilt 1981                
00225-00112 Still (N.D.) Homemakers' Club    ca. 1950          
00225-00113 J. M. Thompson          XX                          
00225-00114 Joseph Hilsdorf         XX            
00225-00115 Annetta Erickson in European costume XX                     
00225-00116 Victor Engstrom         XX                           
00225-00117 John E. Ecklund         XX            
00225-00118 Victor Anderson         XX                           
00225-00119 John Vollan in WWI uniform ca. 1918                 
00225-00120 Mr. and Mrs. (Annie Vollan) Victor Anderson    1913                  
00225-00121 4-H leaders John and Lila Erickson and John Broste, Still (N.D.) XX
00225-00122 Workers raising the Wilton Depot to move it    05/00/1976     
00225-00123 Woman and man in front of Depot on moving day, Wilton (N.D.) 05/00/1976
00225-00124 Wilton Depot loaded on a flatbed trailer being moved 05/25/1976
00225-00125 Wilton Depot moving day 05/25/1976              
00225-00126 – 00127 Army Reserve engineers unit putting a new roof on the Depot, Wilton (N.D.) 09/05/1981       
00225-00128 Old power house, Washburn Mine, Wilton (N.D.)  09/00/1983             
00225-00129 Big mine power house and tipple, Wilton (N.D.) ca. 1925         
00225-00130 A miner and girls working at the Beanery, Big mine, Wilton (N.D.) ca. 1925
00225-00131 Confirmation Class, Sunne Lutheran Church, Wilton (N.D.) 04/26/1964
00225-00132 Sunne Cemetery Committee 1993
00225-00133 Sunne's Women of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America leaders 1993
00225-00134 Sunne Sunday School teachers     1993
00225-00135 Sunne Centennial Committee 1993
00225-00136 Cast members of the play, "Signing of the Charter" for the Sunne Centennial     1993
00225-00137 Grandchildren of Sunne Lutheran Church Charter members   1993               
00225-00138 Great Grandchildren of Sunne Lutheran Church charter members 1993
00225-00139 Great Great Grandchildren of Sunne Lutheran Church charter members 1993
00225-00140 God - Home - Country Awards1966                    
00225-00141 August F. Anderson, last serving charter member of Sunne Lutheran Church  ca. 1960
00225-00142 Farewell party for Pastor and Mrs. G. Adolph Johns ca. 1960                  
00225-00143 Pastor and Mrs. Roy Togerson, Sunne Lutheran Church ca. 1960          
00225-00144 75th Anniversary Planning Committee 06/00/1968     
00225-00145 Sunne Lutheran Church 75th Anniversary Committee 06/00/1968      
00225-00146 Luther League officers, Sunne Lutheran Church  06/00/1968                 
00225-00147 Sunday School teachers, Sunne Lutheran Church  06/00/1968              
00225-00148 Board of Administration, Sunne Lutheran Church 06/00/1968               
00225-00149 75th Anniversary Committee, Sunne Lutheran Church 06/00/1968     
00225-00150 Sunday School staff     06/00/1968      
00225-00151 Still Hustlers 4-H Club at Sunne Lutheran Church 06/00/1968                 
00225-00152 Quilts made by Sunne Lutheran Church LCW       1974                 
00225-00153 – 00154 Quilts made by Sunne Lutheran Church LCW for Lutheran World Relief 1974                  
00225-00155 – 00156 Pastor Bispala plays accordion at Wurscher Home, Wilton (N.D.) 1974
00225-00157 Warren Johnson family   1976               
00225-00158 Cake made by Anna Bratzel for centennial of women's work in church at large     1980               
00225-00159 30 year members of Sunne LCW honored at centennial party for women's work in church at large 1980            
00225-00160 Bridal style show at Sunne's Mother Daughter banquet     1980             
00225-00161 Midsummer picnic at Arvid Johnson's1981                      
00225-00162 Church altar at Christmas time   12/00/1981                   
00225-00163 Midsummer picnic at Arvid Johnson's1981                      
00225-00164 Pastor Bispala and Pastor Jack Hill outside Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Wing (N.D.) 1975     
00225-00165 Vivian and Paul Spryczynatyk accept a check from area Lutheran congregations for a motorized wheelchair 04/1981                    
00225-00166 Vivian Sprynczynatyk in her motorized wheelchair 04/1981                    
00225-00167 Uffda Singers of Bismarck entertain at Sunne Harvest Festival 10/1981
00225-00168 Baptismal Festival at Sunne Lutheran Church    04/10/1982     
00225-00169 Bishop and Mrs. (Edie) Harold Lohr at midsummer picnic at Arvid Johnson's ca. 1982
00225-00170 Roger, Jill, and Laura Denny     1982
00225-00171 Loren, Sandra, Justin and Travis Dolly         1982
00225-00172 Baptismal Festival at Sunne Lutheran Church    04/02/1983     
00225-00173 Pastor Brad Peterson presents Kristin Hansen with a Girl Scout award   09/00/1983
00225-00174 Sunne Lutheran Church congregation outside the church 1986
00225-00175 Karen Merkel, Bismarck missionary to Bolivia, sponsored by Sunne Lutheran Church XX                           
00225-00176 The Warren Johnson family, former vice pastor of Sunne Lutheran Church XX
00225-00177 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gill on their 50th wedding anniversary1945          
00225-00178 Northern Pacific train buried in snow just east of Regan (N.D.)  02/16/1917
00225-00179 Northern Pacific train being extracted from snow near Regan (N.D.)  02/17/1917
00225-00180 Red Cross decorated car in WWI parade, Regan (N.D.) 1917-1919
00225-00181 Huge snow drift in front of A.C. Westerman's Grocery store, Regan (N.D.) ca. 1940
00225-00182 Larry Tosseth and another boy stand on a huge pile of snow under the Grain Belt beer sign, Main St., Regan (N.D.)    ca. 1940                    
00225-00183 Three boys on snow pile in front of John Hanson's cream station and leather shop, Regan (N.D.)ca. 1940         
00225-00184 4-H leaders banquet, Wilton (N.D.)  01/1959                  
00225-00185 Cheerful Boys 4-H Club in front of their 'Please Drive Slow' sign, Regan (N.D.) ca. 1960               
00225-00186 Clark Wold and Linda Johnson, Burleigh County 4-H King and Queen, both of Regan (N.D.)        ca. 1960              
00225-00187 Beatrice Steinert and Joyce Falkenstein showing floral displays made at their business        1973            
00225-00188 – 00189 Fumiko, Japanese exchange student, modeling a kimono at Raymond Olson's 07/00/1973     
00225-00190 Boys at the Regan Rodeo 1975             
00225-00191 Robyn Morris and Kevin Wenzel wedding portrait 04/21/1978              
00225-00192 Regan School, Regan (N.D.) 1980                        
00225-00193 – 00194 Marty Anderson in Regan Pharmacy 1981                       
00225-00195 Firemen and new fire engine, Regan (N.D.)      1981                    
00225-00196 Field of sunflowers, Regan (N.D.)1982              
00225-00197 – 00198 Old jail, Regan (N.D.)  05/00/1987      
00225-00199 Old jail ready for inspection, Regan (N.D.)    05/00/1987           
00225-00200 Regan General Store     03/00/1987                   
00225-00201 Assembly of God Church, Regan (N.D.) 03/00/1987    
00225-00202 Little Britches Rodeo at the rodeo grounds, Regan (N.D.) ca. 1985      
00225-00203 Evelyn (Johnson) Zelmer ca. 1985

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