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Title: Mildred K. Jahde

Dates: 1905-1977

Collection Number: 00205

Quantity: 46 items

Abstract: Images taken by the mother of Mildred Jahde in Mountrail County N.D. 1912, postcards, coal mines, and a rodeo at Elbowoods ca. 1905-1910.

Provenance: The State Historical Society acquired this collection from the Montana Historical Society.

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A True Yarn
By Mildred Jahde, Finley, No. Dak. 1912

Next to our field is a big outfit used to farm and harvest great fields. To hire and fire 20 men in a day was nothing. He hired anything who could say he had driven a horse. Two thirds of them had not. Sometimes the place of work was many miles from the cook car and sleeping quarters.

It was the days when I. W. W.s roamed the country looking for jobs not work. Few of them intended to work. Sometimes some farm boys from Kansas or Nebraska would drift in but the majority were bums from away back.

On this night the boss arrived from town with several prospective employees and showed them the bunk house which was filthy and told them to wash up and come in to the cook car for supper before they rolled in for the night, which they did.

About 4 a.m. the next morning the boss began to roll them out to feed the horses and harness up before they ate breakfast. With 20 or 30 teams there was always things to be mended and repairs to order, horses that were sore or sick or mistreated and new ones brought in to take their places. So it was dark when this new employee was being rolled out to start the day.

He stretched and yawned. There were no lights, the stars were shining. Not knowing what was expected of him he made his way to the cook car. The cook served him his breakfast and as he finished off, he wiped his chin of the coffee which was dribbling down his chin, “Now this is the kind of a place to work,” says he, “Two suppers in one nights and hurray for bed again.” And he must have gone back to bed again as he was in the next load back to town. If they missed the ride they had to hitchhike back.

When this outfit got rolling around a field there would be twenty binders each cutting a swath of 10 or twelve feet with four horses on a machine. There were enough shockers to keep up and as the last machine left the field the last bundle was picked off the carrier. The owner’s name was Gilbert Jordet. When I went to college his daughters were very well educated. One of them was my teacher.


00205-01              Threshing wheat on Gilbert Jordet farm, Finley N.D. 1912
00205-02              Buggy drawn by oxen 1912
00205-03              Homesteaders in front of sod house summer 1912
00205-04              Main Street looking South, Bowesmont N.D.
00205-05              Winter scene in Badlands, Theodore Roosevelt National Park 1977
00205-06              View of Garrison N.D. from the west 1906
00205-07              Orville Lumry home and garage, Garrison N.D. ca. 1905-1910
00205-08              Grand parade and Indian dance at rodeo fairgrounds, Elbowoods N.D. ca. 1905-1910
00205-09              Rodeo at fairgrounds, Elbowoods N.D. ca. 1905-1910
00205-10              Indian dance at rodeo fairgrounds, Elbowoods N.D. ca. 1905-1910
00205-11              Ceremony at rodeo fairgrounds, Elbowoods N.D. ca. 1905-1910
00205-12              Parade after ceremony at rodeo fairgrounds, Elbowoods N.D. ca. 1905-1910
00205-13              Cowboy with megaphone at rodeo fairgrounds, Elbowoods N.D. ca. 1905-1910
00205-14              John H. Briggs, age 87, dressed as Uncle Sam in Wahpeton D.T. 1883 (He served in Co. K Wisconsin 1st Cavalry regiment in 1862)
00205-15 – 16     Hawkin-Oleson Mine, Twp. 144N, R 93W, Sect. 27  1921
00205-17 – 19     Paulson Mine near Dunn Center N.D.
00205-20              Governor Elmore Yocum Sarles Hillsboro N.D. ca. 1905-1907
00205-21              Smith Mine, Twp. 145N, R 87W Sect. 19
00205-22              Looking East from Halliday
00205-23              Looking down Spring Creek onto Halliday N.D.
00205-26              Showing coal seam, Twp. 145N, R 91W, Sect. 19
00205-27              Sloan Mine Twp. 144N, R 91W, Sect. 9
00205-30              Looking NE from Twp. 144N, R 90W, Sect. 20
00205-33              Scoria on north edge of Werner N.D.
00205-34              Showing opening on Twp. 145N, R 92W, Sect. 15
00205-36              Looking NE from SW corner Twp. 144N, R 91W, Sect. 24
00205-40              Absaraka No. 1 July 4, 1921
00205-41              High School, Flaxton N.D.
00205-42              School building
00205-43              School building
00205-44              Russell-Miller Milling Co. Occident Flour elevator
00205-45              Car emerging from viaduct, Valley City N.D. ca. 1950s
00205-46              Birds Eye View of Fargo D.T. 1880. Photographer: F. Jay Haynes
00205-47              Governor Elmore Yocum Sarles Hillsboro N.D. ca. 1905-1907

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