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Photographs - Collections - 201-250 - #00201

Title: Carl F. Smith

Dates: 1908-1941

Collection Number: 00201

Quantity: 275 items

Abstract: Primarily postcards sent to the Roy Thompson farm in South Minnewaukan Township, Ramsey County, (N.D.). Some of the postcards are written in Norwegian. Only the North Dakota postcards have been inventoried.

Provenance: TheState Historical Society of North Dakota received the collection from Carl Smith. The photographs and manuscripts were transferred by the Museum Division to the Archives in August 1990.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection name, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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00201-01              Shocks near Berthold (N.D.)
00201-02              Bird’s Eye View, Berthold (N.D.)
00201-03              Main Street, Berthold (N.D.)
00201-04              Street scene, Berthold (N.D.) postmarked Dec. 11, 1915
00201-05              School Building, Berthold (N.D.) postmarked Aug. 22, 1916
00201-06              East Side Main Street, S. Des Lacs (N.D.) postmarked Dec. 17, 1909
00201-07              Lobby, Great Northern Hotel, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00201-08              Mercy Hospital, Devils Lake (N.D.) postmarked Sept. 1, 1908
00201-09              Chautauqua Grounds, Devils Lake (N.D.) postmarked July 12, 1910
00201-10              B.P.O.E. Home No. 1216, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00201-11              Old and New High School, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00201-12              Great Northern Shops, Devils Lake (N.D.) postmarked Feb. 4, 1911
00201-13              4th Street Looking East, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00201-14              Soo Line Station, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00201-15              North Dakota School for Deaf, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00201-16              Grounds and School for Deaf and Dumb, Devils Lake (N.D.) postmarked Dec. 13, 1909
00201-17              State School for Deaf Devils Lake (N.D.)
00201-18              North Dakota School for Deaf Devils Lake (N.D.) showing gardens, postmarked Aug. 22, 1941
00201-19              Carnegie Library, Devils Lake (N.D.) postmarked Nov. 6, 1910
00201-20              Auditorium, Lake Wood Park, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00201-21              Residence of Albert Symons, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00201-22              Equity Cooperative Packing Company, Fargo (N.D.) aerial view
00201-23              City Hall and N.P. Avenue, Fargo (N.D.) postmarked Feb. 5, 1912
00201-24              St. John's Orphanage, Fargo (N.D.)
00201-25              Cycle Path, Island Park, Fargo (N.D.) postmarked Jan. 30, 1912
00201-26              Wergeland Monument, Island Park, Fargo (N.D.) postmarked Jan. 20, 1912
00201-27              Security Building, Grand Forks (N.D.) postmarked Jan. 23, 1909
00201-28              M. E. Church, Larimore (N.D.) postmarked July 4, 1914
00201-29              View of Maxbass (N.D.) postmarked June 30, 1909
00201-30              Mayville (N.D.)
00201-31              Norwegian Lutheran Church, Mayville (N.D.) postmarked Jan. 12, 1908
00201-32              View from South End of Main Street, Minot (N.D.) (panorama) postmarked Nov. 11, 1908
00201-33              Bird’s Eye View, Mohall (N.D.) postmarked July 1, 1909
00201-34              Elevators, New England (N.D.) postmarked June 2, 1913
00201-35              Birdseye view of Plaza (N.D.)
00201-36              View on Main Street, Rolette (N.D.)
00201-37              Main Street, Russell (N.D.) postmarked Oct. 30, 1908
00201-38              Portrait of a goat
00201-39              Only Known Deer Team in USA postmarked Feb. 7, 1910
00201-40              A Load of fancy Poultry
00201-41              A Carload of Watermelon from Vaher postmarked Mar. 6, 1910
00201-42              Threshing grain in North Dakota, postmarked June 23, 1909
00201-43              A Potato Digger in Operation postmarked Apr. 1, 1914
00201-44              Branding an "Out Law" steer on the open range
00201-45              Man driving a 5-horse team
00201-46              Man holding a horse by the bridle
00201-47              Group standing in front of a house and bicycle
00201-48              Two men wearing suits and hats, standing, postmarked Oct. 26, 1911
00201-49              Two men wearing suits and hats, one sitting
00201-50              Two story wood frame house
00201-51              Early automobile parked beside a barn
00201-52              Same car parked in front of a house
00201-53              Animal pelts hanging from a log cabin, postmarked Nov. 27, 1923, Denton (Mont.)
00201-54              Jackrabbit pelts hanging from a sled
00201-55              A man and a woman standing by homestead shack postmarked Mar. 9, 1910, Stanford (Mont.)
00201-56              Man posed for portrait in sheepskin chaps
00201-57              Group on front porch
00201-58              Hotel Paris, Benson (Minn.)
00201-59              Elevators, Climax (Minn.)
00201-60              Madison Mill, Madison (Minn.)
00201-61              City Hall, Opera House and Fire Department, Madison (Minn.)
00201-63              People beside a lake in summer, Clitherall (Minn.)
00201-64              Ship in the locks, Duluth (Minn.)
00201-65              Normal School, Moorhead (MInn.)
00201-66              Main Building, Concordia College, Moorhead (Minn.)
00201-67 – 68     Main Building and Dormitories, Concordia College, Moorhead (Minn.)
00201-68              Auditorium, Concordia College, Moorhead (Minn.)
00201-69              Main Office, Concordia College, Moorhead (Minn.)
00201-70              Trinity Lutheran Church, Moorhead (Minn.)
00201-71              Gymnasium, Concordia College, Moorhead (Minn.)
00201-72              Second Street, Bovey (Minn.) 1920
00201-73              Lake Miltona (Minn.)
00201-74              Broadway, looking south Rochester (Minn.)
00201-75              Courthouse, Willmar (Minn.)
00201-76              Carnegie Library, Madison (Minn.)
00201-78              Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis (Minn.)
00201-79              Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis (Minn.)
00201-80              Birdseye View, Minneapolis (Minn.)
00201-81              Capitol Building by night, St. Paul (Minn.)
00201-82 – 83     Como Park by Lily Pond, St. Paul (Minn.)
00201-84              Custer Battlefield Cemetery
00201-85              Main Street Denton (MT)
00201-88              Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone Park (MT)
00201-89              Theodore Roosevelt
00201-90              President William McKinley, Inaugural address, Washington (DC)
00201-91              Bratholdi Fountain, Washington D.C.
00201-92              Fern Clad Fountain, Washington D.C.
00201-96              Child feeding chickens
00201-98              Bank, Michigan (N.D.) postmarked Feb. 2, 1907

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