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Photographs - Collections - 151-200 - #00197

Title: Fred Olson

Dates: ca. 1889-1920

Collection Number: 00197

Quantity: 56 items

Abstract: Copies of images by Fred Olson, primarily on the Fort Berthold Reservation ca. 1910.

Provenance: unknown

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U. S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection name, number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Biographical Sketch

Fred Olson was a pioneer photographer in North Dakota as early as 1898 and had studios over the years in Roseglen, Minot, Viking, Maddock, and Hamberg. He took many photographs at the Fort Berthold Agency and his real post cards were sold around the state. He also proved up on a homestead in 1912.
He was born February 18, 1876 in Wisconsin and died at Hamberg, (ND) May 27, 1916.


00197-01              Battle Butte, Fort Berthold (ND)
00197-02              Beaver Dam on Douglas Creek (ND)                       
00197-03              Main Street north, Sidney (MT)
00197-04              The Old Vacated X4 Ranch, Emmet (ND)
00197-05              A North Dakota ‘Old-Timer’ claim shack
00197-06              Log house, Fort Berthold Reservation
00197-07              Log house, Elbowoods
00197-08              Caved in sod house 1911
00197-09              Riverboat with stern to the riverbank ca. 1900-1920
00197-10              U.S. Mailman, Fort Berthold (ND)
00197-11              Iva Coville
00197-12              Hannah Wash, Addie Huber and Mabel Star 1911                             
00197-13              Miss McKenzie and Miss Falliott                                               
00197-14              Cyrus Bullard and Tom White
00197-15              Sam Jones, Henry Bad Gun, Spotted Horn and Sitting Crow
00197-16              Levi Waters
00197-17              Jefferson Smith watering a drove of saddle horses 1911
00197-18              War-capped Chiefs of Fort Berthold Reservation (ND)
00197-19              Andrew Crow andWallace Hand
00197-20              Pilot Pole used in pioneer days for guiding people across the North Dak. Plains 1910       
00197-21              Gathering of Native Americans
00197-22              Indian Congregational Church, Armstrong (ND)
00197-23              Franklin                and Mrs. Oscar Howard
00197-24              Group of tipis
00197-25              Mabel Star, Dora Hall and group at Fort Berthold Mission
00197-28              Partial view of Elbowoods (ND)
00197-29              A butte near Expansion, N.D.
00197-30              Earth lodge on Fort Berthold Reservation 1910
00197-31              Government building at Fort Berthold (DT)
00197-32              Russell Harrison Store                   
00197-33              Old Fort Berthold (DT)
00197-34              Tent cabin built expressively to sleep in during the summer months
00197-35              Arikara woman
00197-36              Log house built at the foot of a butte 1911                          
00197-37              Indian village scene 1911
00197-38              Long Bear                           
00197-39              Harvey  Mason, Jack Rabbit, and Ray Many Bears
00197-40              Native Americans standing by horses
00197-41              Ernest Hopkins family
00197-42 – 44     Kurz drawings                   
00197-45              Ingalls House of Grand Forks menu for legislative assembly reception January 19, 1889
00197-47              Horse sale yards, Dickinson (ND)
00197-48              Cowboy bucked off horse
00197-49              Horse roundup 1900
00197-51              Indian woman 1911
00197-52              A North Dakota ranch 1911         
00197-53              A Mandan Chief of North Dakota
00197-54              Indian lodge, Fort Berthold Reservation
00197-55              Indians of Fort Berthold Reservation
00197-56              Sod house of pioneer days 1910

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