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Photographs - Collections - 151-200 - #00196

Title: Sheila Robinson  

Dates: ca. 1902-1980

Collection Number: 00196

Quantity: 214 items

Abstract: Images from Sheila Robinson’s family collection which include photos and postcards from all around the state, but particularly from Fort Berthold, the Badlands, Morton County (ND) and Burleigh County (ND). Subjects include families, social activities, Native Americans, the North Dakota State Fair, and Larry Sprunk as Turkey Track Bill.

Provenance:  The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Sheila Robinson in various increments from 1975-1996.

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to the collection.

Copyrights:  Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

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From the Bismarck Tribune, Friday June 26, 2015

Sheila Crowley Robinson, 94, died peacefully at Good Samaritan Nursing Home, Bismarck, on June 23, 2015. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 27, at Riverdale Community Church with the Revs. George Robinson and Alan Hathaway officiating. Burial of ashes will be at Robinson Stock Farm in a private ceremony.

Sheila Crowley was born Nov. 27, 1920, in Bismarck, to Matt and Pauline (Shoemaker) Crowley. She was the youngest of three girls. She grew up on Elm Creek Ranch north of Hebron and went to rural school for three years, then Hebron public school and graduated with a degree in home economics from Iowa State College, Ames, in 1942.

She married David Marshall Robinson in June 1942 and lived on Coal Harbor Stock Farm, near current day Riverdale. They have three children: Jan Jenson, Matthews, N.C., and Matt (Janette) Robinson and Steve (Barb) Robinson, who both still live on the ranch.

Sheila had huge flower gardens on three sides around her house, plus fruit trees and a wide variety of ornamental and unusual trees. She enjoyed perennial flower gardening, photography, leather tooling and many other crafts.

Sheila attended over 25 of the National L&C Heritage Foundation national meetings, and enjoyed traveling the country giving presentations on Lewis and Clark, as well as the history of the building of the Garrison Dam.

Sheila’s list of published books includes: “Along the Lewis & Clark Trail in North Dakota”; “Taming the Big Muddy”; the History of the Crowley family; the history of the Robinson family, and the McLean County History book.

Sheila lived on Coal Harbor Stock Farm until 2002, when she moved to The Waterford in Bismarck for nine years, and finally moved to the Good Samaritan Nursing home in July 2010, where she passed peacefully in her sleep June 23, 2015.

Sheila will be greatly missed by her family and children and great-grandchildren and the many thousands of friends she had all over the world.

Sheila is survived by her daughter, Jan Jenson, Matthews, N.C., and Matt “Buck” Robinson and Steve Robinson, both still living on the ranch; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by her husband of 59 years, David Marshall Robinson, in 2001; and her sisters, Jean Crowley Cambridge and Louise Crowley Bowen.


00196-01              Red Trail Bridge across Little Missouri River, Medora (ND), ca. 1926 (Red Trail Store photograph) (postcard)
00196-02              Main Street, looking east, Hebron (ND)
00196-03              Shack of Brooksie, with Mary Groger and Pauline Shoemaker, Flasher (ND), 1904
00196-04              Mary Groger Abone, left, Mi Murphy, right, and unidentified men portrait
00196-05              Lue (?) Satterlund pulling Annie Baillie in a wagon
00196-06              Pauline Shoemaker and Mary Langby sitting on hill near Mandan (ND), Mandan School in background, 1902
00196-07              John Satterlund portrait
00196-08              Helen Parkin Noakes portrait (R. R. Lutz photographer, Mandan, ND)
00196-09              Wife of W. S. Parkin portrait (R. R. Lutz photographer, Mandan, ND)
00196-10              Chautauqua camp, identified: Pauline Shoemaker, Constance Schoffner, Ethel Haight, Helen Cook, Mrs. E. S. Haight, Matt Crowley, and Mrs. Gibson, Mandan (ND), 1913
00196-11              Native American children near tepee, 1902
00196-12              Mary Groger and unidentified woman sitting in tepee with Native American women cooking meat in kettle, 1902
00196-13              Native American child in front of wagon and tepees, 1902
00196-14              Native American women cooking meat in kettle, one making bead fancy work, North Dakota State Fair, Mandan (ND), 1902
00196-15              Native American man smoking pipe in front of tipi, North Dakota State Fair, Mandan (ND), 1902
00196-16              Group of teenage girls, including Pauline Schoonmaker (Shoemaker), spring, 1902 (newspaper clipping)
00196-17              Pauline Shoemaker riding horse, near Custer House, Fort Lincoln, Mandan (ND)
00196-18              Cattle, near Figure 4 (Four) Ranch, ca. 1933 (postcard)
00196-19              Highway 85, near Little Missouri River, Badlands (ND), ca. 1933 (postcard)
00196-20 – 21     Groups in vehicles on Big Bend Ferry, six miles south of Garrison (ND), on way to Yellowstone Park, June 15, 1910
00196-22              Memorial Bridge, Bismarck (ND), ca. 1941
00196-23 – 24     Coming from Wilcox Ranch, Badlands (ND), May, 1925
00196-25              Lillie and Jean standing on burned prairie, Jacob Hauser’s land, April, 1925 (postcard)
00196-26              Vacant number
00196-27              Camp Grassick, near Dawson (ND), 1932
00196-28              General Store and Post OFccie, Golden Valley (ND)
00196-29              Shocks of wheat in field during harvest, Golden Valley (ND) (Loia Goddard photograph, Lake Odessa, MI)
00196-30              Street in Lake Odessa (MI)
00196-31              Moonlight prairie, Golden Valley (ND)
00196-32              Shocks of wheat in field during harvest, Golden Valley (ND)
00196-33              Silver Plume (CO)
00196-34              Vernal and Nevada Falls, Yosemite Valley (CA)
00196-35              Long Beach (CA) boardwalk
00196-36              Desert, Nevada
00196-37              Center Line Bridge, Danby Township (MI)
00196-38              The Islands in the Grand River, Grand Ledge (MI)
00196-39              Boy in boat, Morrison Lake, Branch County (MI)                               
00196-40              Portland (MI)
00196-41              Saranac (MI)
00196-42              Country road and farms
00196-43              West Side of 4th Avenue, Lake Odessa (MI)
00196-44              Village Park, Lake Odessa (MI)
00196-45              Jordan Lake, near Lake Odessa (MI)
00196-46              Canoes and boats on Jordan Lake, near Lake Odessa (MI)
00196-47              Horse-drawn carriages on frozen Jordan Lake, near Lake Odessa (MI)
00196-48              Farm, Michigan
00196-49              Two women in front of house
00196-50              Women eating fresh-churned ice cream, July 4, 1911
00196-51              Lower Yellowstone Falls (WY)
00196-52              Upper Yellowstone Falls (WY)
00196-53              Lower Yellowstone Falls (WY)
00196-54              Mess wagon and carriage, Yellowstone National Park
00196-55              Deer by roadside, Yellowstone National Park
00196-56              Bear, Yellowstone National Park
00196-57              Giant Geyser, Yellowstone National Park (WY)
00196-58              Group of Yellowstone National Park tourists
00196-59              Three female Yellowstone National Park tourists
00196-60              Mammoth Terraces, formed by hot springs, Yellowstone National Park (WY)
00196-61              Lone Star Geyser, Yellowstone National Park (WY)
00196-62              Grotto Geyser, Yellowstone National Park (WY)
00196-63              Group on horseback about to ascend Mount Washburn, Yellowstone National Park (WY)
00196-64              Pack mules, Yellowstone National Park
00196-65              Train depot, Gardiner (MT)
00196-66              Female hiker viewing the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park (WY)
00196-67              Excelsior Geyser (Crater), Yellowstone National Park (WY)
00196-68              Northwest Hotel and Northern Pacific Train Depot, Bismarck (ND)
00196-69 – 70     Two people in horse-drawn carriage
00196-71-1          Small geysers
00196-71-2          Group of campers, North Dakota
00196-72              Chittenden Viaduct, Golden Gate Canyon, Yellowstone National Park (WY)
00196-73              Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park (WY)
00196-74              Mr. Marshal sitting on rock, Yellowstone National Park  
00196-75              Riverside Geyser, Yellowstone National Park (WY)
00196-76              Mr. Belk, Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Qundbrian (?) lounging on grass, Yellowstone National Park
00196-77              Group of Mandan (ND) school teachers
00196-78              Geologic formation created by geyser, Yellowstone National Park
00196-79              Picnickers, Ward’s Grove
00196-80              Herd of horses, Ranch 101 (ND)
00196-81              Picnickers, Ranch 101 (ND)
00196-82              Men riding horses and women in wagon, Ranch 101 (ND)
00196-83              Group and old claim shack, Ranch 101 (ND)
00196-84              Campers with tent by creek
00196-85              Watering horses, Pauline and R. Ward on middle horse
00196-86              Group of people
00196-87              Group of campers, 1903
00196-88              Bridge over Missouri River, Bismarck and Mandan (ND)
00196-89              Pauline, Miss G., and Willard under bridge across Missouri River, Bismarck and Mandan (ND)
00196-90              Two women and man with old rake
00196-91              Wily Bracefield, Champion cowboy of North Dakota
00196-92              Native American teepees, North Dakota State Fair, Mandan
00196-93              Mandan (ND) boarding house boarders
00196-94              Cattle drinking in the Little Heart River Valley (ND)
00196-95              Log cabin and tipi campsite
00196-96              Miles City (MT)
00196-97              Tongue River, Miles City (MT)
00196-98 – 101  Horse sale, Miles City (MT)
00196-102            Lulu Satterlund sweeping front step
00196-103            Woman in hospital bed
00196-104            Three women snacking
00196-105            Little Heart River Valley (ND)
00196-106            Native Americans dancing
00196-107            Native American tipi camps, North Dakota State Fair, Mandan
00196-108            Man and woman in boat under bridge across Missouri River, Bismarck and Mandan (ND)
00196-109            Cattle in corral
00196-110            Mrs. Parkin sewing on her front porch, Mandan (ND), 1912
00196-111            William Badger and W. W. (Toddy) Parkin, Mandan (ND), March, 1911
00196-112            Unidentified woman riding horse
00196-113            Unidentified woman and child
00196-114            Ruth Parkin and Clara Dunlap
00196-115            Child in front of haystack
00196-116            House of W. S. Parkin, 305 6th Avenue NW, Mandan (ND)
00196-117            William Badger and W. W. (Toddy) Parkin, Mandan (ND), March, 1911
00196-118            Mrs. Parkin with her grandson on a bicycle
00196-119            Children and dog on porch
00196-120            Sheaves of corn in field
00196-121            Knife River (ND) crossing at Smith’s
00196-122            Knife River (ND), near Smith’s
00196-123            Buildings by Knife River (ND)
00196-124            People on horseback
00196-125            Two women driving a one-horse buggy
00196-126            Pauline’s claim house
00196-127            Knife River valley (ND)
00196-128            Woman and two horses at the Grand Canyon
00196-129            Woman and horse Old Jim by water claim
00196-130            Woman and horse Old Jim by Pauline’s claim house
00196-131            Woman and horses on Elm Creek Bridge
00196-132            Horse riders in grain field
00196-133            Jaeger’s farm, 1913
00196-134            Group of people, Thanksgiving, 1912
00196-135            Pauline’s claim house, ca. 1911-1914
00196-136            Pauline’s claim house and grain field, 1912
00196-137 – 138 Genevieve Crowley, Matt Crowley, Alice Crowley McVey, Jim McVey, and Jack Crowley, October, 1912
00196-139            Group in automobile
00196-140            Riding horse down ravine
00196-141            Man with dog and woman with cat
00196-142            Helen and Pauline on horses Pearl and Lady, Mr. Crowley’s grain field near Elm Creek, August, 1913       
00196-143            Knife River (ND) Schoolhouse and six students, winter, 1913
00196-144 – 145 Campers
00196-146            Man, woman, and horse
00196-147            Campers and tent
00196-148 – 149 People on horseback
00196-150            Woman riding horse, B & B Ranch, near Cannonball River (ND)
00196-151            Man riding horse, near Bismarck (ND)
00196-152            Woman riding horse, Custer House in background, near Mandan (ND)
00196-153            Man, woman, horse, and tack
00196-154            Unidentified woman
00196-155 – 156 Two women riding a horse
00196-157            Man riding horse
00196-158            Woman leading two horses
00196-159            Two men in wheat field
00196-160            Man with sheaves of wheat
00196-161            Interior of Northern Pacific Railroad mail car
00196-162            Ben Belp sorting mail in Northern Pacific Railroad mail car
00196-163            Three unidentified men
00196-164            W. S. Parkin
00196-165 – 167 Cattle
00196-168            Man with shocks of wheat
00196-169            Maskerioza (?) Club house
00196-170            Woman on porch with horse
00196-171            Woman hunting with dog
00196-172            Man hunting with dog
00196-173            Woman fishing
00196-174            Man with sheaves of wheat
00196-175            Crowd watching horse-and-buggy races
00196-176            Shocks of wheat in field
00196-177            Unidentified house
00196-178            Body of water and fields
00196-179            Unidentified family portrait
00196-180            Two unidentified woman, June, 1906
00196-181            Mandan (ND) school children and teachers marching on Main Street to the fair
00196-182            Woman riding horse
00196-183            High water on the Heart River, near Mandan (ND)
00196-184            Woman riding horse
00196-185            Machinery for Numbers 9-10 Gold Dredge, Hammonton (CA), ca. 1907
00196-186            Construction of Gold Dredge, Hammonton (CA), September 12, 1907
00196-187            Blacksmith shop and yards, Hammonton (CA), ca. 1907
00196-188            Water tower for construction camp Number 9, Hammonton (CA), ca. 1907
00196-189            Butchering beef for Indian rations, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, ca. 1920’s-1930’s
00196-190            Hauling butchered beef for Indian rations, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, ca. 1920’s-1930’s
00196-191            Butchering beef for Indian rations, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, ca. 1920’s-1930’s
00196-192            Unidentified man and baby
00196-193            Sakakawea Statue, North Dakota Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (ND)
00196-194            Old North Dakota State Capitol building, Bismarck (ND)
00196-195            Two unidentified men
00196-196            Unidentified woman pushing child bundled with fur in carriage, winter
00196-197            Two unidentified women with harvest of rhubarb
00196-198            Man and log cabin
00196-199            Men and women lounging on grass
00196-200            Old North Dakota State Capitol building, Bismarck (ND)
00196-201            Four unidentified men in a study, January, 1910
00196-202            Unidentified man reading in a study with dog on the floor, January, 1910
00196-203            Men and women next to train on platform
00196-204 – 209 Quilt auction, August 16, 2003
00196-210            Quilt auction and vacation composite, August 16, 2003
00196-211 – 214 Larry Sprunk performing as Turkey Track Bill, Beulah (ND), March, 1980

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