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Photographs - Collections - 151-200 - #00191

Title: M. O. Thompson

Dates: 1898-1947

Collection Number: 00191

Quantity: 177 items

Abstract: Copies from the Thompson family photograph album in Ransom County (ND).

Provenance: Photograph album may have been copied in relation to the donation of the Alfred A. Thompson Papers in September 1983.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

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From the Ransom County Gazette, June 10, 1948

Funeral services were held June 5 at 2 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church for Judge M. O. Thompson, 66, who died June 3 at a Fargo hospital. Rites were conducted by Rev. G. B. Sandanger of Fort Ransom and burial was in Oakwood Cemetery in Lisbon with the Lozier funeral home in charge. Pallbearers were J. C. Holkestad, Philip Hoff, Carl Thompson, Helmer Twito, Chris Fricke and William Chisman. Honorary pallbearers were Charles Edo, H. P. Remington, Charles Bangert, Frank Shaw, Clarence Mead, S. A. Adams and Timothy Francis, all Ransom County attorneys.

Martin O. Thompson was born at Paynesville, Minn., on March 5, 1882. In the year 1884 his parents came to Fort Ransom where they took a homestead. He attended the University of Minnesota, Fargo College, N.D. Agricultural College and the University of North Dakota where he graduated from the law department in 1910. He practiced law at LaMoure and Fort Ransom, coming to Lisbon in 1914, he entered partnership with P. H. Butler. He served two terms as states attorney of Ransom County and was elected to the office of County Judge in 1922, and held that office till his death. On May 5, 1915 he married Nellie B. Martin who survives him with two sons, Robert who is with the Department of Labor in Fargo, and Alfred, Superintendent of Schools in Nome, and a sister, Mrs. Clyde Erving of Bemidji, Minn.

A member of the A.O.U.W. and I.O.O.F. lodges and of the Lisbon Park Board, past president of the State Historical Society, Judge Thompson was very active in civic affairs and keenly interested in horticulture and has served as president of the North Dakota Horticulture Society. Active in wildlife conservation and bird study he operated a bird banding station for the United States Biological Survey for several years.

As a hobby he made a large number of wood carvings of many species of birds. His artistic ability was shown by both the workmanship and painting of his birds in their natural colors. He first conceived the idea of the establishment of a submarginal land project in the Sand Hills area in Ransom and Richland counties. The project has since been expanded in area far beyond the original plan, and in addition there has been created a public park or recreational area.


00191-001            Three young ladies on a front porch
00191-002            Two ladies on a sidewalk
00191-003            Four men
00191-004            Girl pushing dolls in buggy
00191-005            Woman reading
00191-006            Chinese Elm grove, M. O. Thompson farm 1941
00191-007            Russian Olive hedge, M. O. Thompson farm 1941
00191-008            Nettie and Robert Thompson    
00191-009            Children dressed as pilgrims at Lisbon (ND) 1925
00191-010            Robert and Alfred Thompson ages 3 and 3 taken at C. M. Olson home, Fort Ransom (ND)             
00191-011            Alfred and Robert Thompson ages 2 and 3 ca. 1920         
00191- 012           Alfred Thompson, Boy Scout at home 1933 or 1934         
00191-013            Robert and Alfred in sea scout uniforms 1935    
00191-014            Robert Thompson in Army uniform, San Antonio (TX) 1941
00191-015            Robert and Alfred, NDSU students  and their dad, M. O. Thompson at home in Lisbon (ND)
00191-016            Threshing Crew at Fort Ransom (ND), M. O. Thompson, steam engineer 1911
00191-017            M. O. Thompson in his first car, a Buick 1912
00191-018            M. O. Thompson home with Alfred’s car out front Septmeber 1943
00191-019            M. O. Thompson, Birger Vold, and Andrew Mikelson building Schridel house near Verona (ND) 1908
00191-020            Airport, Fargo (ND) 1938              
00191-021            Townsend Convention Headquarters, Chicago (IL) 1935
00191-022            Townsend Convention Headquarters, Chicago (IL) 1935
00191-023            Robert Thompson home on furlough hunting pheasants 1942
00191-024            Robert home on furlough from Army and Alfred Thompson in hunting clothes 1941
00191-025            Robert Thompson home on furlough with results of the day’s hunting 1942
00191-026            Golf in January in N.D.: Robert. M. O. Major Thomson, and R. A. Contis January 17, 1926               
00191-027            Boys playing hockey on Lisbon park rink 1935     
00191-028            Alfred, Robert, and John Ringdahl. Robert with broken arm 1929              
00191-028            John Ringdahl 1929         
00191-029            Alfred Thompson 1939
00191-030            Robert Thompson with fish and dog "Pal" 1934
00191-031            Lisbon School Band ca. 1936
00191-032            Young couple by auto   
00191-033            Village of Kidville (ND) 1905. Townsite founded in 1898 by Andrew J. Olson, a merchant, and Alfred Thompson, a blacksmith who led a group of young men in what was apparently a rival townsite to the established village of Fort Ransom. Merchants in the older town coined the name to note that most of the residents in the new town were teenagers or very young adults.
00191-034            Telephone operators 1909          
00191-035            M. O. Thompson, Alfred, Robert, and Nettie ca. 1925
00191-036            Lisbon High School North Dakota Class 'B' Football Champs 1935
00191-037            M. O. Thompson in law office, Hamilton Building ca. 1917
00191-038            Lisbon Homemakers Club in costume ca. 1930
00191-039            M. O. Thompson with 30 ducks shot near Havana (ND) by himself, Robert, and Alfred November 1942
00191-040            Opening hunt - bag limit in 3 hours 1945
00191-041            Wheat on the M. O. Thompson farm, 37 bushels per acre 1942
00191-042            Hanson Motors, Lisbon Bowling Champions 1943: Hanson, Chisman, Schmitz, Muralt, Thompson
00191-043            Alfred (in uniform) and Ma at home May 21, 1944
00191-044            Alfred in farm grove 1942
00191-045            Ma and Alfred in farm grove planted in 1935 in 1942
00191-046            Robert, Wanda and Karen at Boy Scout Camp, Mineral Springs near Fort Ransom 1947
00191-047            C. M. Olson and M. O. Thompson with empty bottles in Minneapolis photo studio November 1911
00191-048            M. O. Thompson, Minneapolis (MN) 1906
00191-049            Mrs. M. O. Thompson with peonies in bloom, Lisbon (ND) 1933
00191-050            Alfred with 30 ducks and 1 pheasant November 1942
00191-051            The Brun boys, Alfred and Dad on farm May 1940
00191-052            View from ? Fargo 193-
00191-053            Alfred or Robert with deer
00191-054            deer and bobcat
00191-055            Bunch of Odd Fellows from Lisbon: M. O. Thompson, Peder Gjertson, Knute Noru, Vic Eagle, G. D. Challey, Bill Heaton, Bert Carter
00191-056            Man holding pelican
00191-057            School group, Lisbon (ND) 1931
00191-058            8th grade school group, Lisbon (ND) 1932
00191-059            Brun boys, Alfred and Dad tree planting on farm 1940
00191-060            Cottonwood 12 feet high after 3 years growth 1940
00191-061            Chinese Elm planted 1935
00191-062            Chinese Elm planted 1935
00191-063            2 year old Chinese Elms 1935
00191-064            Alfred and Pal at home
00191-065            Vacant lot looking west 1943
00191-066            Headquarters 3rd Army, San Antonio (TX) where Robert works 1941
00191-067            Vacant lot beautification looking east
00191-068            Vacant lot looking east 1943
00191-069            Snow in M. O. Thompson’s backyard September 25, 1943
00191-070            Vacant lot south of Lisbon Park tree planting 1940
00191-071            Staff Sgt. Robert M. Thompson with Sandra and Pal
00191-072            Strand house in snow September 25, 1942
00191-073            M. O. Thompson with bird models 1944
00191-074            Home winter 1941
00191-075            Vacant lot 1943
00191-076            M. O. Thompson, LaMoure (ND) February 1943
00191-076-1        Robert in CCC camp 1935
00191-077            Robert in Texas 1942
00191-078            Anna Henrikson, M. O. Thompson, Laura Henrickson
00191-079            Vacant lot 1941
00191-080            Duck models 1944
00191-081            Wife home 1933
00191-082            Robert’s graduation 1940
00191-083            Atop Mt. Washburn, Yellowstone Park 1930
00191-084            Winter scene at home 1941
00191-085            Chinese Elms 1938
00191-086            Robert in Texas 1941
00191-087            Alfred’s home, Streeter (ND) 1941 – Alfred was Superintendent of the High School in Streeter
00191-088            Home, Lisbon (ND) 1941
00191-089            M. O. Thompson with bird models
00191-090            Robert, Headquarters 3rd Army 1941
00191-091            Farm grove planted 1935
00191-092            Thompson farm wheat 33 bushels per acre 1941
00191-093            Dad at home
00191-094            Robert’s CCC Camp #4753, Knife River (MN) 193?
00191-095            Home August 1941
00191-096            Mrs. Jonas Anderson, Lars Thompson, Jonas Anderson
00191-097            Robert and Alfred home 1935
00191-098            Grandmother Thompson with Alfred and Robert
00191-100            My wild swan 1935
00191-101            Thompson family portrait
00191-102            Filling vacant lot 1942
00191-104            Field Museum, Chicago 1935
00191-105            M. O. Thompson holding a whistling swan he captured 1935
00191-106            Henrickson family 193?
00191-107            Uncle Peder Henrickson, sons and families, Lisbon (ND) – he was mother’s brother
00191-108            Art, Carrie, Helen, Netti, Selma 1938
00191-109            Snow September 25, 1942
00191-110            Home 1946
00191-111            Sherman Monument, Chicago 1935
00191-112            33 yrs later silk hat again 62 yrs old, Lisbon (ND)
00191-113            Robert in open air theater, San Antonio (TX)
00191-114            Engvale Slough looking north to Whiskey Point May 21, 1944
00191-115            Engvale Slough Whiskey Point from east May 21, 1944
00191-116            Engvale Slough highest water stage ever May 21, 1944
00191-117            Engvale Slough looking north from highway grade May 21, 1944
00191-118            Karen with model of hawk 1947
00191-119            Karen and young horned owl 1947
00191-120            Karen 1947
00191-121            M. O. Thompson’s sculpture in wood, stone and wax 1945
00191-123            M. O. Thompson bird models 1945
00191-127            Nettie Thompson
00191-128            Bird models
00191-129            M. O. Thompson
00191-130            Alfred, Robert, Elmer and Arnold Olson, M. O. Thompson, Hjalmer Miller, Mrs. M. O. Thompson at Miller home, Kidville (ND) 1922
00191-145            Robert at 3rd Army Headquarters, San Antonio (TX)
00191-146            Robert in Texas
00191-146-1        Robert, Alfred and Pal, Thanksgiving 1939
00191-147            Mrs. Ole Henrickson funeral, Fort Ransom (ND) 1942
00191-148            Sam Hoff funeral, Fort Ransom (ND) May 28, 1942
00191-149            A. Martin funeral, Fergus Falls (MN)
00191-150            M. O. Thompson carving Lincoln bust 1938
00191-151            Bust of Lincoln carved from stone
00191-152            Jonas Anderson Golden Wedding 1946
00191-153            M. O. Thompson age 15, sister Sena, brother Albert and parents 1898
00191-153-1        M. O. Thompson and Olaf Henrickson
00191-154            M. O. Thompson with sculptures 1911
00191-155            Sherman Monument, Chicago
00191-156            Miniature dinosaur models by M. O. Thompson May 21, 1944
00191-157            Dinosaurs by M. O. Thompson 1941
00191-158            Chinese Elm August 1939
00191-159            Dinosaurs by M. O. Thompson 1941
00191-160            Wheat crop M. O. Thompson farm 29 bushels per acre 1941
00191-161            Wheat crop M. O. Thompson farm 37 bushels per acre 1947
00191-162            Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops 1941
00191-163            Brontosaurus 1941
00191-164            M. O. Thompson’s dinosaurs 1941
00191-165            Tilling demonstration M. O. Thompson farm 1939
00191-166            Robert and Alfred 1941
00191-167            Robert and Dad 1941
00191-168            Tree cultivation M. O. Thompson farm – US Shelterbelt Forest Service demonstration
00191-169            Tilling demonstration M. O. Thompson farm 1939
00191-170            Albert Hauge Golden Wedding, McLeod (ND) 1940
00191-171            Tilling demonstration M. O. Thompson farm 1939
00191-174            M. O. Thompson
00191-175            M. O. Thompson in law office, Hamilton Building ca. 1917
00191-176            same as 00191-153

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