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Photographs - Collections - 151-200 - #00175

Title: Robert T. Johnson

Dates: 1908-1913

Collection Number: 00175

Quantity: 101 items

Abstract: Post card photos of street scenes in New England, Bowman, Dickinson, Cooperstown, Douglas, Hettinger, Mott, Munich, Lakota, and Garrison (ND) and McLaughlin (SD). John D. Johnson, a building contractor, built many of the buildings pictured here.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired this collection from Robert T. Johnson on September 11, 1974. The photographs had belonged to his mother, Mrs. Alice Johnson who died in March 1974.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Collection Note:
From the writings on the post cards--
Alice Nelson was born in Wisconsin to Edward and Matilda Nelson. She had sisters Aggie and Mary, who wrote some of the post cards and half brothers, Elmer V. and Fabian M. Hadenberg. Elmer took most of the photographs. The Nelsons and Hadenbergs emigrated from Sweden. Alice married John D. Johnson and they lived in New England (ND) and had three children, Eileen, Robert T. and Grant.


00175-001            Train Depot New England (ND)
00175-002            Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Depot, New England (ND) 1914
00175-003            Train, New England (ND) 1910
00175-004            Passengers on platform at depot and Canadian Pacific train, New England (ND)
00175-005            Stone Barn built by J. D. Johnson, New England (ND)                      
00175-006            Harvest festival at Peter Blum’s, New England (ND) Nov. 9, 1913
00175-007            Harvest festival at Peter Blum’s, New England (ND) Nov. 9, 1913
00175-008            Harvest festival at Peter Blum’s, New England (ND) Nov. 9, 1913
00175-009            Rodeo and racing New England (ND)                      
00175-010            Rodeo and racing New England (ND)                      
00175-011            Rodeo and racing New England (ND)                      
00175-012            Rodeo and racing New England (ND)                      
00175-013            Rodeo and racing New England (ND)                      
00175-014            Rabbit hunt, New England (ND)
00175-014            Hunting camp, Badlands (ND)                    
00175-015            Hunting camp, Badlands (ND)                    
00175-016            Hunting New England (ND)                         
00175-017            A two hour’s hunt before breakfast Sept. 7, 1913                            
00175-018            School, New England (ND)                          
00175-019            School, New England (ND)                          
00175-020            Catholic church, New England (ND)
00175-021            Catholic church, New England (ND)
00175-022            Baseball Team New England (ND)                            
00175-023            Baseball Team New England (ND)                            
00175-024            Crowd viewing ball game, New England (ND)                     
00175-025            Crowd viewing ball game, New England (ND)                     
00175-026            July 4, New England (ND)                            
00175-027            Baseball game, New England (ND)                          
00175-028            Baseball game, New England (ND)                          
00175-029            Lumber, New England (ND)                        
00175-030            Cornet Band, New England (ND)
00175-031            Cornet Band New England (ND)               
00175-032            Fabian Hadenberg                          
00175-033            Fabian and Elmer Hadenberg
00175-033            Elmer Hadenberg            
00175-034            Men fighting prairie fire, New England (ND)                       
00175-035            Girls dressed as original states July 4th parade, New England (ND) 1911
00175-036            Band concert after July 4th parade, New England (ND) 1911
00175-037            Band concert after July 4th parade, New England (ND) 1911
00175-038            Elephants in the July 4th Parade, New England (ND) 1911
00175-039            Decorated wagons and animals in the July 4th Parade, New England (ND) 1911
00175-040            Parade and carnival New England (ND)                 
00175-041            Parade and carnival New England (ND)                 
00175-042            Parade and carnival New England (ND)                 
00175-043            Parade and carnival New England (ND)                 
00175-044            Parade and carnival New England (ND)                 
00175-045            Parade and carnival New England (ND)                 
00175-046            Parade and carnival New England (ND)                 
00175-047            Parade and carnival New England (ND)                 
00175-048            Town views New England (ND)                 
00175-049            Town views New England (ND)                 
00175-050            Town views New England (ND)                 
00175-051            Town views New England (ND)                 
00175-052            View of elevators from the Cannonball River, New England (ND)
00175-053            Bridge over the Cannonball River, New England (ND)
00175-054            Cannonball River, New England (ND)
00175-055            Crossing the Cannonball River, time of high water, New England (ND)
00175-056            Gardner Bros. Livery, New England (ND) built by John D. Johnson
00175-057            Asa Gardner General Merchandise, New England (ND)
00175-058            Stages and freight lines leaving Gardner's, New England (ND)
00175-059            West side Main St., New England (ND)
00175-060            Scene in New England (ND) during a heavy rain
00175-061            McKenzie Hotel, New England (ND)
00175-062            McKenzie Hotel, New England (ND)
00175-063            Gardner Hotel, New England (ND)
00175-064            Bresden-Larson Lumber Co., New England (ND) 1914
00175-065a         Children, New England (ND)
00175-065b         Grady and Johnson car dealer, New England (ND)
00175-066            "Hedenberg builds houses", New England (ND)
00175-067            Sarchet Hospital, New England (ND)
00175-068            Depot, Bowman (ND) 1910
00175-069            Roping Contest, Bowman (ND) 1910
00175-070            Bowman Band, Bowman (ND) 1910      
00175-071            Horse sale day, Bowman (ND) 1910      
00175-072            Street scene, Bowman (ND) 1910      
00175-073            Birds eye view, Bowman (ND) 1910      
00175-074            Land seekers, Bowman (ND) Spring 1908      
00175-075            Wool wagons, Bowman (ND) 1908      
00175-076            Street scene, Bowman (ND) July 4, 1908      
00175-077            Town view, Cooperstown (ND) 1911
00175-078            State Bank, Cooperstown (ND) 1911
00175-079            Almklov's Pharmacy, Cooperstown (ND) 1912
00175-080            Bad Lands, Dickinson (ND) 1909
00175-081            Hunting Scene with deer, Dickinson (ND) 1909  
00175-082            Main Street, Dickinson (ND) 1909      
00175-083            Road building, Douglas (ND) 1910      
00175-084            Street scene Douglas (ND) 1910      
00175-085            Mitchell Wagons, Douglas (ND) 1910      
00175-086            Birds Eye View of Douglas (ND) 1910      
00175-087            Douglas State Bank, Douglas (ND) 1910 
00175-088            G. W. Mills Livery and Feed, Douglas (ND) 1910 
00175-089            Sod and wood house, Douglas (ND) 1910             
00175-090            Drug Store, Douglas (ND) 1915  
00175-091            School class Douglas (ND) 1910 
00175-092            Douglas Dramatic Club in “The Spy of Gettysburg”, Douglas (ND) 1910
00175-093            Birds eye view of Garrison (ND)
00175-094            Street scene, Hettinger (ND)
00175-095            Float in parade, Hettinger (ND)
00175-096            Rotary snow plow                           
00175-096            Rotary snow plow, Lakota (ND)
00175-097            Band playing at depot as train arrives, Mott (ND) 1910
00175-098            Coal train, Munich (ND) 1907
00175-099            Golden West Hotel
00175-100            Street scene, location unknown                               
00175-101            Street Scene, McLaughlin (SD) 1913

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