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Title: Charles Lemon Hall

Dates: 1896-1909

Collection Number: 00110

Quantity: 95 items

Abstract: Images of the Fort Berthold Mission and Charles L. Hall and family.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the Charles L. Hall Papers as a gift from Charles L. Hall, 1936. The photographs were separated out to form this collection.

Copyrights:  Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access:  This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

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Charles Lemon Hall was born on September 18, 1847 in Winchester, England.  In 1853 the Hall family immigrated to the United States and settled in New York City.  Charles Hall attended Union Theological Seminary in Andover, Massachusetts and at the age of 27 decided to become a missionary among the Indians. In the fall of 1874 he was ordained in the Congregational Church and dispatched to Springfield, Dakota Territory.

Charles Hall was sent by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions to Fort Berthold, an American Fur Company trading post, to establish a mission. He arrived at Fort Berthold on May 9, 1876.  The language barrier compelled Hall to learn the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara languages.  The Indians called Hall "Ho Washte" meaning "Good Voice." Hall was involved in mission work for over fifty years and founded churches at Fort Berthold, Elbowoods, Independence, Shell Creek, Nishu, and Nuita. The Congregational Church honored Hall with a Doctor of Divinity degree in 1911.

While serving at the Springfield agency he met Emma Calhoun and married her in 1876. Emma died in 1883 leaving two children, Robert and Hannah. Charles Hall married Susan Webb in 1886. They had two children, Deborah and Evan. Hall spent the last ten years of his life in retirement living with his daughter, Deborah, in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. He died April 2, 1940 and was buried at Elbowoods, North Dakota.

Source:  Bismarck Tribune, April 3, 1940, p. 1.

00110-01              C. L. Hall on graduation from New York City College 1866
00110-02              C. L. Hall 1882
00110-03              C. L. Hall. Photographer: S. J. Morrow, Yankton, D.T.
00110-04              Mrs. Dan H. Wolf and her child, L. H. Wolf’s grandchild 1931
00110-05              Emma Hall?
00110-06              Charles L. Hall and family
00110-07              Charles L. Hall and wife, Susan
00110-08              Charles L. Hall with Evan and Deborah
00110-09              Boys’ Cottage and Chapel, Fort Berthold Mission School
00110-10              Albert Gillette, Alfred Bear, Robert Paint, James Holding Eagle, and Ralph Briggs
00110-11              Issue day at the agency, Elbowoods (ND)
00110-12              Barn and shop, Fort Berthold Mission, 1 mile from Like-a-Fishhook Village and 1 mile upriver from the agency
00110-13              Leland Hotel, Minot (ND)
00110-14              Hall Family in wagon enroute to Minot from Fort Berthold
00110-15              View of Fort Berthold
00110-16              Indian cattle, Fort Berthold
00110-17              Lottie Holding Eagle and Nathan Gun
00110-19              Alfred Chase, Nathan and Lottie
00110-20              Alfred Chase and family
00110-21              Badlands
00110-22              Petrified stump by Arikara Church
00110-23              On slides road between Elbowoods and Shell Creek
00110-24              Pony skills near Many Bear’s home (Ree)
00110-25              Evan and dog by earth lodge
00110-26              Hannah Hall in Arikara on Ree Lodge
00110-27              Cherries in the Mouth (Hidatsa)
00110-28              Evan and another boy on horseback
00110-28-1          “Good Way” Mrs. Big Foot Buffalo, Hollis Montclair’s mother
00110-29              C. L. Hall, Susan Hall, Dora Hannah, Miriam Webb and Evan
00110-29-1          Emma Taylor and mother, Mrs. Two Chiefs
00110-30              Evan, Robert and Dora on horseback
00110-30-1          Children on a blanket in front of log house
00110-31              Robert Hall on horse in front of Boys’ cottage at Fort Berthold Mission
00110-32              Boating on Rice Lake SW of Minot
00110-33              Hall family camped in tent and tipi
00110-34              Hall family in tipi
00110-35              Hall family at Rice Lake NE of present Ryder (ND) on the trail from Fort Berthold to Minot
00110-36              Robert atop well house at Fort Berthold Mission, Elbowoods
00110-37              Robert building well house
00110-38              Fort Berthold Mission, Elbowoods
00110-39              Sawmill at Elbowoods
00110-40              Fort Berthold Mission, Elbowoods
00110-41              C. L. Hall’s drawing on blackboard
00110-42              Horses and cattle at Fort Berthold Mission, Elbowoods
00110-43              Moves Slowly burial at Red Butte
00110-44              Moves Slowly, Jim Holding Eagle’s grandfather
00110-45              unidentified group
00110-46              Bird’s Bill and wife and child
00110-47              “Good Way”
00110-48              Leggings and wife
00110-49              Emma Taylor Baker, Mrs. Hans Walker, Sr.’s mother
00110-50              Kate Chase Gillette and Gerald
00110-51              Little Crow, his wife and boy
00110-53              Mrs. George Wash and Stephen Wash
00110-55              C. L. Hall with group playing music
00110-56              Fourth of July celebration, Elbowoods
00110-57              Setting up tipi
00110-58              Missouri River bank
00110-59              large group of tipis from a distance
00110-60              Hay wagon
00110-61              Hunters return with birds
00110-62              Plowing
00110-63              Hall family camped by wagon
00110-64              Crossing the river in the wagon
00110-65              Crossing the river in the wagon
00110-66              Hall family picnic
00110-67              Campsite and wagon
00110-68              Hall family
00110-69 – 71     Badlands
00110-72              At the campsite
00110-73              Meal on a blanket
00110-78              Jesse Mason and wife
00110-81              Saddle Butte
00110-87 – 88     Cutting hay
00110-89              Harvesting corn
00110-90              Hay wagons
00110-93              Kate, Evan and Dora Hall in snow
00110-94              Independence Mission 18 miles upriver from Elbowoods

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