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Photographs - Collections - 101-150 - #00105

Title: Orin G. Libby

Dates: 1863-1940

Collection Number: 00105

Quantity: 624 images

Abstract: Includes images taken by E. R. Steinbrueck for his book, My Red Brother, historic sites and events such as the Columbia River Historical Expedition in 1926,

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired most of the Orin Grant Libby Collection from Orin Libby in January 1946. Additional material has come in from numerous sources since the original deposit. The photographs were separated from MSS10085 in November 1983.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


Orin Grant Libby was born June 9, 1864, on a farm near Hammond, Wisconsin. He attended the River Falls State Normal School and graduated in 1886. He received his undergraduate degree in 1892, his master's degree in 1893, and his Ph.D. in 1895, all from the University of Wisconsin. Libby was an instructor in the Department of History at the University of Wisconsin - Madison from 1895 to 1902.  He moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota in 1902, became head of the History Department at the University of North Dakota, and retired in 1945.

Dr. Libby helped reorganize the State Historical Society of North Dakota and served as its secretary from 1905 to 1945. He was president of the North Dakota Audubon Society from 1903 to 1909, president of the State Library Commission in 1909, and president of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association in 1910. He was a member of the Lions Club, the Franklin Club, Masons, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Pi Zeta, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Dr. Libby married Eva Gertrude Cory in September 12, 1900. They had two children, Charles and Margeret. Orin Libby died at his home in Grand Forks, North Dakota on March 29, 1952.
The Orin G. Libby Manuscript Collection was established in 1952 at the University of North Dakota and is named in his honor. The Reading Room at the State Historical Society of North Dakota was similarly named in memory of Dr. Libby in 1982.
Grand Forks Herald, March 30, 1952
Fargo Forum, March 30, 1952
North Dakota Quarterly, Summer, 1969.


E. R. Steinbrueck photos for My Red Brother
00105-001            Badlands near Dakota line
00105-002            Badlands
00105-003            Fort Lincoln mouth of Heart River
00105-004            Mouth of Big Knife River
00105-005            Mandan Lake - East 1911
00105-006            Mandan Lake – West
00105-007            Ice on the Missouri
00105-008            Cable ferry across the Missouri below Fort Lincoln site
00105-009            Camp ‘Piehole’
00105-010            Camp ‘Piehole’
00105-011            Eastern bank
00105-012            Northeastern bank Fort Lincoln
00105-013            Southeastern ravine Fort Lincoln
00105-014            Landslide at Fort Lincoln site
00105-015            Clifford Sifton at camp towards the river ‘Fort Lincoln’
00105-016            Boys! get the horses!
00105-017            Blockhouse at Fort Yates (ND)
00105-018            Old Fort Rice N.D. 1864 to 1880 – men in uniform post card
00105-019            Hugo and Malvin with string of fish at Fort Clark
00105-020            View from north bank showing changes of Missouri at Fort Clark
00105-021            Bank of Mih-tutta-hang-kush and ‘made lands’ below. Clay hills on opposite shore
00105-022            Malvin and Hugo at camp under the high plateau of Fort Clark
00105-023            Remains of Fort McKean
00105-024            Knoll where Lewis and Clark had their 4th camp in Oct. 20, 1804
00105-025            Birdseye view of Fort Lincoln site taken from hill of Fort McKean
00105-026            Camp under Fort McKean’s hill
00105-027            Place of the old forge of Fort McKean
00105-028            Mission House, Independence
00105-029            Post Office, Sanger (ND)
00105-030            Hotel Thurston
00105-031            First white settlers’ log house
00105-032            Morton County Court House on the hill, Mandan (ND)
00105-033            Northern Pacific Railway Passenger Depot, Mandan (ND)
00105-034            Nigey Hotel, Mandan (ND)
00105-035            Hotel Interocean built by Hager Bros., Mandan (ND)
00105-036            Barrow's Corner, Mandan (ND)
00105-037            Mandan from Northwest
00105-038            Statue of Sakakawea
00105-039            Capitol (old) from the front
00105-040            Theodore Roosevelt Maltese Cross Cabin, Bismarck (ND)
00105-041            Hotel McKenzie, Bismarck (ND)
00105-042            A pioneer’s sod shack
00105-043            Standing Rock Monument
00105-044            Sitting Bull's grave, Fort Yates (ND)
00105-045            John Grass
00105-046            General George Armstrong Custer engraving 1874
00105-047            Harry Thorberg
00105-048            Michael Lang
00105-049            Old Mr. Sanger
00105-050            Fourth of July celebration Mr. Sanger and Henderson Smith
00105-051            Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Shultis
00105-052            Eddie Rush, Hidatsa, at Fort Berthold
00105-053            Two Hidatsa boys, Eddie Rush
00105-054            Charley Reed and, Eddie Rush
00105-055            Eddie Rush
00105-056            Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Chief and baby
00105-057            Mrs. Jim Baker and child (Mandan)
00105-058            Jim Baker (Hidatsa) at Short Bull's Haycamp with Short Bull's grandchildren 1900
00105-059            Short Bull
00105-060            Short Bull, age 73, and his grandchildren
00105-061            Yellow Horse (Arikara)
00105-062            Jim Baker, William Bell and Rev. White
00105-063            Good Bird and family
00105-064            Goodbird's parents: Son of Star and Buffalo Bird Woman (Hidatsa)
00105-065            Hidatsa woman and girls
00105-066            Sioux at home
00105-067            Indian Transfer Boat, Independence (ND)
00105-068            Bull Boat
00105-069            Stone pile for heating purpose and sweat lodge near creek
00105-070            Indian summer house. Camp on reservation
00105-071            Modern Indian log house with bower in front
00105-072            Sioux tent
00105-073            Butterfly in his tent
00105-074            Mandan burial ca. 1889 
00105-075            Mystery pipe
00105-075            Medicine pole shrine
00105-076            Small Ankle’s or Wolf Chief’s father’s medicine shrine now in N.Y.
00105-077            Medicine Post, Medicine Shrine inside of the Medicine Lodge
00105-078            One of the inner 16 posts of an earth lodge
00105-079            Fireplace of Mato-topah’s lodge
00105-080            Wolf Chief’s father’s medicine lodge
00105-081            Kidney’s earth lodge
00105-082            Interior construction of round earth lodge
00105-083            Hidatsa wooden mortar
00105-084            A. C. Shultis’ excursion. “Sweet Alice” on her pony
00105-085            Hidatsa man on horse
00105-086            The Lone Elmtree and its mate
00105-087            Otto, peeling potatoes
00105-088            Malvin and Hugo after watering the ponies
00105-091            Arikara at Fort Berthold Reservation
00105-092            Sioux woman
00105-093            Sioux dressed for picture taking
00105-094            Ahi
00105-095            Indian turnip
00105-096            Sakakawea site
00105-097            Trench Arikara fort
00105-098            Camp under Arikara fort
00105-099            Bank under Arikara fort
00105-100            Lodge Circle, Sibley site
00105-101            Flat Butte camp
00105-102            Fireheart Butte in distance below Fort Yates
00105-103            Steep bank of Pretty Point site
00105-104            Pretty Point at a distance from Hugo site
00105-105            Ideal camping place at Henderson Smith’s
00105-106            Brower site
00105-107            Brower site
00105-108            Double Ditch, Mandan village site
00105-109            Triangular flat below Double Ditch site
00105-110            Renden site at Boley’s
00105-111            Hidatsa fish trap
00105-111-2        Saddle Butte
00105-112            Indian mounds around Heart River site
00105-113            Natural size and shape of buffalo shoulder blades in proportion to human skull
00105-114            Buffalo shoulder blade hoes
00105-115            Implements from buffalo shoulder blade: buffalo skull scraper, fleshers, side knife handles, playbone, chippers
00105-116            Bone and horn articles
00105-118            Mortars and pestels
00105-119            Tomahawks, hammers, piece mortar, drill cup, net sinkers
00105-120            Mandan pot, Heart River site, Mandan (ND)
00105-121            Rock with hieroglyphs near Billings (MT)
00105-122            John Charles Creighton
00105-123            M. Lang Grocery Mandan (ND) 1879
00105-124            Remnant of the first schoolhouse in the country, in Morton County
00105-125            One of the first log houses in the country in Morton County. Residence of  County Treasurer, Alfonso Boley
00105-126            Parsonage at St. Anthony (ND)

O. G. Libby Photographs
00105-127         Georgetown (MN) crossing the trail
00105-128         High bank of site 2, Belle Vue
00105-129         Belle Vue site taken from camp near old Fort Rice
00105-132         Ernestine Mager, Walhalla (ND) 1937
00105-133            Elsie Villeneuve, Neche (ND)
00105-134         Michael Felthauser 1863
00105-135         Indian Village post card
00105-136            Sakakawea statue post card
00105-143            Rock cut footprints SE of Elgin
00105-145            Inscribed Rock at Mobridge (SD)
00105-147            Slant Village
00105-148            Sketch of Walhalla (ND) 1870
00105-149            Visitors viewing painting depicting Indians and Fort Buford in background
00105-150            Agnes Bottineau Delting, Duluth (MN)
00105-151            Dana Wright, France 1918
00105-152            Mrs. Peter and Pvt. Peter Thompson, Crow Agency Park (MT) 1926
00105-153            Thunderbird Writing Rock 1940/05/28    
00105-154            Thunderbird Writing Rock 1940/05/28
00105-155            Kensington Rune Stone
00105-156            Kensington Rune Stone
00105-157            Kensington Rune Stone
00105-158            Kensington Rune Stone
00105-159            Kensington Rune Stone
00105-160            Kensington Rune Stone
00105-161            Kensington Rune Stone
00105-162            Kensington Rune Stone
00105-163            Kensington Rune Stone
00105-164            Kensington Rune Stone
00105-165            Thunderbird Rune Stone 1940/05/28
00105-166            Writing Rock Fort Ransom (ND)
00105-167            Writing Rock Fort Ransom (ND)
00105-168            Writing Rock Fort Ransom (ND)
00105-169            Writing Rock Fort Ransom (ND)
00105-170            Writing Rock Fort Ransom (ND)
00105-171            Writing Rock Fort Ransom (ND)
00105-172            Writing Rock Fort Ransom (ND)
00105-173            Rune Rock Grand Forks (ND) 1929/07/12
00105-174            Dedication Fort Buford (ND) 1929/07/31
00105-175            Major Hugh Scott dedicating cemetery at Fort Buford (ND) 1929/07/31
00105-176            Writing Rock Fort Ransom (ND)
00105-177            Writing Rock Fort Ransom (ND)
00105-178            Writing Rock Fort Ransom (ND)
00105-179            Strong Heart, Red Tomahawk, and Dana Wright 1918
00105-180            Kanie, Chippewa Indian, Turtle Mountains (ND) 1928
00105-181            Kanie, Chippewa Indian, Turtle Mountains (ND) 1928
00105-182            Kanie, Chippewa Indian, Turtle Mountains (ND) 1928
00105-183            Kanie, Chippewa Indian, Turtle Mountains (ND) 1928
00105-184            Kanie, Chippewa Indian, Turtle Mountains (ND) 1928

Columbia River Historical Expedition
00105-185            Fort Union (ND)
00105-186            Fort Union (ND)
00105-187            Fort Union (ND)
00105-188            Fort Union (ND)
00105-189            Fort Union (ND)
00105-190            Governor Arthur Gustav Sorlie 1926/07/19          
00105-191            Dr. Samuel Morison, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-192            Ox Cart Parade, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16   
00105-193            Ox Cart Parade, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-194            Ox Cart Parade, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-195            Ox Cart Parade, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-196            Ox Cart Parade, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-197            Ox Cart Parade, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-198            Ox Cart Parade, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-199            Ox Cart Parade, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-200            Ox Cart Parade, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-201            Ox Cart Parade, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-202            Ox Cart Parade, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-203            Chippewa Indians, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-204            Chippewa Indians, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-205            Chippewa Indians, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-206            Chippewa Indians, Grand Forks (ND) 1926/07/16
00105-207            Earth Lodge at Fort Union 1926
00105-208            Earth Lodge at Fort Union 1926
00105-209            Earth Lodge at Fort Union 1926
00105-210            Earth Lodge at Fort Union 1926
00105-211            Fort Union 1926/07/17
00105-212            Bear Soldier, Black Bear, Little Soldier, C. F. Crawford, Frank Zahn, and Usher Lloyd Burdick, Fort Yates (ND)
00105-213            Buffalo
00105-214            North Dakota Infantry 1917/08/00           
00105-215            Indian Hammers;
00105-216            Writing Rock
00105-217            Writing Rock
00105-218            Writing Rock
00105-219            Sioux Indian Reservation, Mankato (MN) 1862/12/26
00105-220            Basil Claymore Clement, Sr. 1890-1910
00105-221            Basil Clement, Jr., unknown, Joseph Clement, Basil Clement, Sr. at Des Lacs Lake, Kenmare (ND) ca. 1890-1910
00105-222            Basil Claymore Clement, Sr. 1890-1910
00105-223            Fonseca, W.G.
00105-224            Antoine Girard
00105-225            Antoine Girard
00105-226            Lt. Ives
00105-227            C. C. Regier
00105-228            Muggins Moorhead
00105-230            John Nagel
00105-231            John Nagel
00105-232            John Nagel
00105-233            Major Shuman, Camp Sherman (OH) 1918
00105-234            Major Shuman, Camp Sherman (OH) 1918
00105-235            Mullan statue, Ft. Benton July 18, 1926
00105-236            Members at Great Falls (MT) railroad station July 18, 1926
00105-237            Boarding launch St. Mary at Going to the Sun landing, Glacier National Park July 24, 1926
01015-238            Student members of Columbia River Historical Expedition on Hudson’s Bay Divide, Glacier National Park, July 24, 1926
00105-239            Mr. R. D. Jenkins, Mr. Huffman and some of the students in ruins of Fort Benton July 18, 1926
00105-240            Log rolling contest, Longview (WA) July 22, 1926
00105-241            Highway marker unrolled at Longview (WA) July 22, 1926
00105-242            Unveiling Spokane Plains battlefield monument, Spokane (WA) July 23, 1926
00105-243            Party on summit of Mt. Spokane July 19, 1926
00105-244            Listening to speaker summit of Mt. Spokane July 19, 1926
00105-245            Selecting Princess America II at Spokane (WA) July 23, 1926
00105-246            Selecting Princess America II at Spokane (WA) July 23, 1926
00105-247            Groups around base of Astoria Column July 22, 1926
00105-248            Astoria Column, Astoria (OR) July 22, 1926
00105-249            Astoria Column, Astoria (OR) July 22, 1926
00105-251            Wishram monument dedicated July 20, 1926
00105-252            Bronze plaque on Wishram monument July 20, 1926
00105-253            Railroad platform at Bonner’s Ferry (ID) July 19, 1926
00105-254            Bonner’s Ferry Monument July 19, 1926
00105-255            Little Joe Crow Feathers and Many Tail Feathers at Bonner’s Ferry July 19, 1926
00105-256            Seaside (OR) July 21, 1926
00105-257            Wishram ceremonies July 20, 1926
00105-258            Party at Grant Springs, Great Falls July 18, 1926
00105-386            Four Rings (Arikara)
00105-387            Three Foxes Arikara)
00105-390            Sweet Corn (Arikara)
00105-428            Marchefenas Turtle Mt.
00105-429            Jack Little Boy, Marchefenas (Chippewa, Turtle Mts.)
00105-553            Father Genin
00105-555            Bon Homme (Turtle Mts. Chippewa) Dunseith
00105-556            Mr. H. Sims
00105-560-1        Red River carts, Winnipeg, Fort Garry
00105-560-2        Fort Abercrombie
00105-561            Windmill, Fort Garry
00105-563            Major James McLaughlin
00105-565            Major William H. Forbes
00105-566            Edward Lohnes
00105-567            E. W. Brenner
00105-569            George Faribault
00105-577            John Nagele, Elbowoods
00105-615            Francois Jeannette
00105-616            Rev. R. J. Creswell
00105-617            Rev. Daniel Williams
00105-618            Rev. John Irwin
00105-619            Rev. O. H. Elmer
00105-620            Rev. Francis M. Wood
00105-621            Rev. E. J. Thompson
00105-622            Rev. J. O. Sloan
00105-623            Mrs. Laughlin, Lisbon
00105-624            Mr. Laughlin, Lisbon
00105-291 – 624 Glass plate negatives   

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