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Photographs - Collections - 101-150 - #00101

Title: Dana Wright

Dates: 1904-1962

Collection Number: 00101

Quantity: 161 items

Abstract: Images of historic sites in North Dakota, an event at the St. John Chapter of the Isaak Walton League, and dedication of I-29.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the Dana Wright Papers from Mrs. Dana Wright in May 1966. These photographs were separated from the manuscript collection.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite collection title, collection name, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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Dana Monroe Wright was born on August 30, 1878 in Eaton Rapids, Michigan.  He moved with his parents to farm near Jamestown in 1882, and left that area in 1898 to enlist in the North Dakota National Guard.  Wright served in the military during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and later in the Mexican Border War and World War I.

Wright had a variety of jobs between his active duty military service.  After returning to the United States from the Philippines, he taught school at Sydney, North Dakota and then homesteaded at Montpelier, North Dakota.  In 1902, he became an employee of the Northern Pacific as a fireman and locomotive engineer and held that position for ten years.  Wright was elected sheriff of Stutsman County in 1913 and in 1917 served in the State House of Representatives.  After World War I, he was elected to another term as county sheriff.  He was hired in 1927 by the U.S. Customs Service and was posted on the Canadian border near St. John, North Dakota. Wright retired from the customs service in 1941 and became a game warden and custodian of the state game farm through 1949.

Dana M. Wright was elected a director of the State Historical Society Board in 1915; later, as chairman of the State Parks Committee, he had the responsibility of locating sites of historical interest.  Wright wrote articles concerning North Dakota history which were published in the Society's historical quarterly and by a number of newspapers.  The reorganization of the State Historical Society resulted in his resignation from the Board in 1962.

Dana Wright married Sybella Henderson Pearson on May 4, 1904.  They had four children:  Sybella Luneta, Sivilla Jeanne, Jean Laurie, and Monroe Dana.  Dana M. Wright died on February 16, 1964 in Rolla, North Dakota.

Turtle Mountain Star, February 20, 1964
Fargo Forum, December 2, 1956 and February 17, 1964


00101-001            Stony Alkins
00101-002            Josie Kildahl
00101-003            Historical Marker Naveau (IL)
00101-004            A cellar hole with log cabin in background not identified
00101-005            Ft. Madison (IA) Santa Fe shops
00101-006            Ft. Madison (IA) tracks and bridge
00101-007            Snow cut on railway
00101-008            Old oak at site of original Georgetown (MN) near graves
00101-009            Fire extinguisher photo sent to Russell Reid August 15, 1939
00101-010            Log cabin photo sent to Russell Reid August 15, 1939
00101-012            Gateway Stopping Place Museum, Emerson, Manitoba post card
00101-013            Stones – H. C. Groth letter September 3, 1962
00101-014            Fish Hotel, Fish Lake (ND) post card
00101-015            Trobriand’s camp site on Stony Lake Ft. Totten Trail looking northwest August 1, 1868 p. 326 Military Life in Dakota
00101-016            Clifford Allen Fraser, born 1958 Walhalla (ND)
00101-017            Willard Fraser, 8th grade graduation 1957
00101-018            B. Morgan and Edgar Coombs Pindall, Lisbon (ND)
00101-019            Fred Pindall, age 91 born 1866, died 1957
00101-020            Charlotte Evans Pindall, Anna, Fred, and Edgar Pindall, Edith Pindall Taylor, Effie Pindall Lithgow
00101-021            Crow Belt, Weasel Heart, White Finger Nail, Medicine Stone, Four Rings, Foolish Woman ca. 1920-1930 post card
00101-022            Dana Wright’s brother under a sunshade made of ponchos with ND Volunteers, who were under constant fire, Philippine War in Manila, Philippines 1899
00101-023            Hawks Nest Hill taken from the north, Wells County (ND) 1938/08/12     
00101-024            Hawks Nest Hill taken from the north, Wells County (ND) 1938/08/12     
00101-025            Devils Heart Hill taken from the northeast, Tokio (ND) 1961
00101-027            Log cabin photo – H. C. Groth letter September 3, 1962
00101-028            Marked rock south of Lake Tewauken near Fort Ransom (ND)   
00101-029            Marked rock south of Lake Tewauken near Fort Ransom (ND)
00101-030            Marked rock south of Lake Tewauken near Fort Ransom (ND)
00101-031            Monroe at Writing Rock, Ft. Ransom (ND) 1923?               
00101-032            Bear’s Den Hill
00101-033            Indian Pictograph showing Shield-bearing Warrior, Fort Ransom (ND)    
00101-034            Mandan Indian Village at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Mandan (ND) 1962 color post card
00101-035            Old North Dakota State Capitol and Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (ND) 1926          
00101-036            Bridge over Red River at old Georgetown (MN) near old oaks
00101-037            LaVerendrye Trail Monument, No. 3 Highway near Morden, Manitoba post card                              
00101-038            Mr. and Mrs. Williams' Golden Anniversary 1957, parent of Mrs. Allen Fraser
00101-039            Nina Wishek      
00101-040            Bob Brave Bear, Photographer David F. Barry
00101-041            Anthony Nolan                                
00101-042            Hawks Nest Hill, Sykeston (ND)
00101-043            Carnahan’s Fort on Sheyenne River near Bouretts crossing October 30, 1952
00101-044            Carnahan’s Fort on Sheyenne River near Bouretts crossing October 30, 1952
00101-045            Carnahan’s Fort on Sheyenne River near Bouretts crossing October 30, 1952
00101-046a         Military trail Crossing of Big Coulee at Stromberg Dam 4 miles southwest of Maddock (ND) 1962
00101-046b         Military Trail Crossing of creek at Stromberg Dam 4 miles SW of Maddock (ND) 1962
00101-047            Fort Totten Trail looking NE up coulee, SW of Maddock (ND) 1962
00101-048            Highwater Trail  between Fort Ransom & Abercrombie, crossing of the Dead Colt creek looking SE
00101-049            DAR marker at Camp Sheardown, south of Valley City (ND) June 23, 1941
00101-050a         Sully Corral, south of Antelope, on Heart River
00101-050b         Sully Camp on Heart River June 30, 1941               
00101-051            Layout Fort Totten (ND) drawn by Guy G. Budge
00101-052            Early Days Fort Totten (ND)
00101-053            Site of old Fort Totten Cemetery 1960
00101-054            Officers’ homes on old Fort Pembina, Pembina (ND) post card
00101-055            Grand Rapids (ND) 1905?
00101-056            Rev. Claude M. Ebner of St. Michael’s Mission, Devils Lake (ND)
00101-057            Great White Horse Hotel, Ipswich (SD) post card
00101-058            Oil wells, Shelby (MT)                   
00101-059            Flood, Pollock (SD) July 4, 1923
00101-060            State School of Science, Wahpeton (ND) aerial view
00101-062            Antoine B. Gingras, house and warehouse ruins, Walhalla (ND) 
00101-063            Antoine B. Gingras, house and warehouse ruins, Walhalla (ND) 
00101-064            Flour Mill Dunseith (ND) post card
00101-065            Camp John K. Arnold Sibley Trail Memorial Marker, Oriska (ND) 1938/08
00101-066            Camp John K. Arnold Sibley Trail Memorial Marker, Oriska (ND) 1938/08
00101-067            James Ponsford and Andrew Moore soldiers graves at Camp Arnold 1938/08
00101-068            Sibley Trail, Camp Sheardown, south of Valley City (ND) June 23, 1941
00101-069            Coal burning Case steamer pulling 5 binders in flax field near Tolna (ND) 1909     
00101-070            Two girls on teeter totter outside Daily Post Office, Barnes County (ND)
00101-071            Daily Post Office, Barnes County (ND)
00101-072            McCrory Ranch Fiske Photo
00101-073            Jack McCrory, Sr. residence old Winona (ND) Fiske Photo
00101-074            Main Street of Winona (ND) after town was abandoned Fiske Photo
00101-075            School, Winona (ND) Fiske Photo
00101-076            Jerry Hart’s saloon, Winona (ND) Fiske Photo
00101-077            Jack McCrory store, Winona (ND) Fiske Photo
00101-078            Old Galpin House, 8 miles north of Fort Yates (ND) by F. B. Fiske
00101-079            Cap Mains cottage, log cabin
00101-080            Great Northern track laying camp near Rock Lake (ND)                  
00101-081            Great Northern track laying train near Rock Lake (ND)
00101-082            People fishing from four small boats
00101-083            Ten people by a shack
00101-084            Group in front of same building in 00101-083      
00101-085            Site of Rev. Ransome Waites Oak Lawn Chapel south of Walhalla (ND)   
00101-086            Bentley Saw Mill west of St. John (ND) 1904
00101- 087           Bison at State Game Park, St. John (ND) 1942
00101-088            Fireplace in cabin with plaque: God’s gift to man these hill and lakes trees and wildlife – will you help us to preserve them? I. W. L. A.
00101-089            The audience seated outdoors on benches
00101-090            Same group from 00101-089 eating
00101-091            Vlasin Voight and others inside log cabin
00101-092            Vlasin Voigt and Russell Reid outside log cabin
00101-093            Dr. and Mrs. H. Stech of Mandan
00101-094            James Holum, ‘A Couple of Good Cooks’
00101-095            Bill Bryant, Engelter, Pringle, Dana Wright, James Holum, Wheeler, and Russell Reid in chow line
00101-096            Four men by the bake oven
00101-097            ‘Taking on a real good feed’
00101-098            Sam Phelps boiling potatoes
00101-099            ‘A very fine meal being served’
00101-100            Mashing potatoes
00101-0101         Phillips, Sam Phelps, and Art Booth,
00101-102            Vlasin Voigt in chow line
00101-103            Barbeque
00101-104            Portrait: two boys and a girl holding a doll. Photographer: H. D. Cooper, Devils Lake N. Dak.
00101-105            Clarice Runkle
00101-106            Mez, Rena, Milton, and Alden Ruckle August 1947
00101-107            Rolf Hesketh and group behind old pool room
00101-108            Cars parked at Danielson Hotel, Lake Upsilon (ND) 1916
00101-109            Preston Carins and Sam Hansey’s raccoon climbing up corner of old building near Lafayette Hotel, St. John (ND) 1931/03/05
00101-110            Road sign at Isaak Walton League Park, Lake Upsilon (ND)
00101-111            Group of children on porch of log cabin
00101-112            Boat landing 1952
00101-113            Buffalo herd at St. John (ND) Game Park October 1953
00101-114            Buffalo herd at St. John (ND) Game Park October 1953
00101-115            Lake Upsilon from Ike’s cabin lloking towards Lords Point
00101-116            One of the small lakes in Turtle Mountains, north of Dunseith (ND)
00101-117            Missouri River break-up Fiske Foto Fort Yates N.Dak looking south
00101-118            Missouri River break-up Fort Yates at Standing Rock Agency, N.D. Fiske Foto looking east
00101-119            The Gorge Missouri River break-up Fort Yates, N.Dak.
00101-120            Sioux house by the Missouri
00101-121            Dakota Hills Fiske Foto
00101-122            Beside the River Fiske Foto
00101-124            Crossing the Cannon Ball River Fiske Photo Fort Yates
00101-125            Skyscrapers on the plains
00101-126            Trines building Winona (ND)
00101-127            Smoke hole on Killdeer Mountain, Dana Wright, kids, Mrs. Kleve
00101-128            Smoke hole on Killdeer Mountain, Dana Wright and Stanley Brown
00101-129            Dana Wright and group on Killdeer Mountain
00101-131            Killdeer Mountain at Sully battlefield graves July 1950
00101-132            Crosby Butte and Killdeer Mountain from SE 1952
00101-133            Killdeer Mountain from Crosby Butte 1953
00101-135            Historical Marker on Siwert farm - Sully’s Heart River Corral
00101-136            Sully Camp on Knife River
00101-137            Rock Spring on Knife River
00101-138            Looking west up Knife River near Sully Camp Site
00101-139            Rock Spring on Knife River near Sully Camp of 1864
00101-141            Supt. Wentz and Governor Davis cut ribbon at I-29 dedication ceremony, Drayton (ND) May 1960
00101-142            Dedication site prior to ceremony, Drayton (ND) May 1960
00101-143            Massed flags on overpass at ceremony, Drayton (ND) May 1960
00101-144            US Collector Phil Hohaug and Governor Davis at I-29 dedication, Drayton (ND) May 1960
00101-145            Looking SW from Sully's Camp on Heart River
00101-146            Looking SW from Sully Corral of 1864
00101-147            Original trenches on Sully Corral site of 1864 Heart River Valley south of Antelope (ND)
00101-148            Old trenches on Sully Corral on Heart River looking SE
00101-149            Sully's Camp on Heart River
00101-150            Marked rock south of Siwert’s, in coulee 1864
00101-151            Marked Sully's men 1864
00101-152            Trenches on Whistler Survey NPRR September-October 1871 looking SW on Heart River 1939
00101-153            Entrenched camp on Whistler Expedition 1871. Six soldiers graves in plowed field 1939
00101-154            Site of Fort Phil Kearny massacre December 21, 1866 looking west along Bozeman Trail
00101-155            Site of Fort Phil Kearny massacre December 21, 1866 looking west along Bozeman Trail
00101-156            Fort Ransom-Fort Abercrombie Government Trail 1934
00101-157            Indian-Government Trail 10 miles NW of Lisbon (ND) 1933
00101-158            Battle of Slim Buttes Cemetery 1940
00101-159            Battle of Slim Buttes Cemetery 1940                      
00101-160            Medal of Honor Certificate given to Frank Anders 1916
00101-161            Stone house north of Solen (ND) residence of Ralph Hiner 1953

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