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Photographs - Collections - 0051-00100 - #00098

Title: Marquis DeMores

Dates: 1895-1943

Collection Number: 00098

Quantity: 92 items

Abstract: Includes images of the DeMores family in Medora, Dakota Territory, and the Von Hoffmann family in France.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the Marquis de Mores Collection as a gift from James Foley, 1910; Duc de Vallombrosa; Milton Higgins, 1957; Antoine Manca de Vallombrosa de Mores, 1970, 1978, 1980; Steve Carlson, 1976; and Richard Rausch, 1991. The photographs were separated from MSS 10036 to create this collection. 

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to material in this collection remains with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


Antoine Amedee Marie Vincent Manca de Vallombrosa was born on June 14, 1858 in Paris, France.  He acquired the title of Marquis de Mores at the age of 21. He married Medora von Hoffman, an American heiress, on February 15, 1882 in Cannes, France. They had two sons, Louis and Paul, and one daughter, Athenais.

Hearing rumors of opportunities in Dakota Territory, de Mores traveled there and in April 1883 founded the town of Medora.  He established the Northern Pacific Refrigerator Car Company with hopes of revolutionizing the livestock industry. Local opposition to the Marquis' plans lead to the death of Reiley Luffsey, a suspected rustler. The Marquis was indicted for murder and later was freed on a "not guilty” verdict. The business failed in 1886.

De Mores and his family spent the winter of 1886 in New York and returned to France in 1887.  In 1888 the Marquis promoted the building of a railroad in China but due to political opposition the project was never completed. While on an expedition in Northern Africa the Marquis was murdered. He died at the age of 38 in June 1896.
Sources:   A Brief Synopsis of the Career of Marquis de Mores and the Proposed Development of the de Mores Sites, State Historical Society of North Dakota Document by Arnold O. Goplen.


00098-001            Louis Vallombrosa summer 1939
00098-002            Medora Von Hoffman Vallombrosa 1920                              
00098-003            Athenais Vallombrosa
00098-004            Mrs. Louis Vallombrosa, Marie Therese du Bong
00098-005            Louis Vallombrosa March 1958
00098-006            Paul Vallombrosa, Lt. Cavalerie Croix de Guerre France 1914-1918
00098-007            Paul Vallombrosa
00098-008            Baron Von Hoffman
00098-009            Marquis DeMores  in fringed buckskin                                  
00098-010            Marquis DeMores portrait
00098-011            Marquis DeMores portrait in military uniform                                    
00098-012            Marquis DeMores portrait in military uniform                                    
00098-013            Marquis DeMores portrait with cowboy hat                                       
00098-014            Medora Von Hoffman Vallombrosa before her wedding, Cannes 1920
00098-015            Marquis DeMores, Baron Von Hoffman and guests at Chateau la Bocca, France 1911
00098-016            Medora Von Hoffman Vallombrosa in corral with dog and cat 1920
00098-017            Cattle chute loading into train, Medora (DT)                       
00098-018            Chateau de Mores front and side, Medora (DT)
00098-019            Foley’s house, Medora (DT)
00098-020            Billings County Court House, Medora (ND) 1913
00098-021            Cattle and horses, house in background, Medora (DT)
00098-022            Mr. Johnson’s house, Medora (DT)
00098-023            Train approaching on tracks, Medora (ND) ca. 1913
00098-024            Leased houses belonging to the Marquis DeMores, Medora (ND) 1913
00098-025            Depot, Medora (ND) 1913
00098-026            Cowboy on horse, Medora (ND) 1913      
00098-027            Louis Vallombrosa                                          
00098-028            Baroness Von Hoffman
00098-029            Man and two women on covered swing, Medora (ND)
00098-030            Two men and dog by fountain, Medora (ND)
00098-032            Six men, Medora (ND)
00098-033            Louis Vallombrosa on porch, Medora (ND)
00098-034            Woman on horse, Medora (ND)
00098-035            Woman on horse, Medora (ND)
00098-036            Boy on snow skis
00098-037            Man on deck of ship
00098-038            Man on deck of ship
00098-039            Looking back over deck to another ship
00098-040            Boat in water photographed from above
00098-041            Small ship
00098-042            Cruise ship in harbor
00098-043            Sailboat
00098-044            Small ship bringing passengers to cruise ship 1943
00098-045            Ship in harbor
00098-046            Breakers on beach at sunset
00098-047            Breakers on coastline
00098-048            Garden with palm trees
00098-049            Coast lined with palm trees
00098-050            Palm trees
00098-051            Palm trees and flowers
00098-052            Castle seen through the trees
00098-053            Palm trees and garden
00098-054            Spanish style house
00098-055            Cemetery with monuments
00098-056            Men and women at beach with parasols
00098-057            Woman and two men standing
00098-058            Woman with parasol
00098-059            Two men fencing
00098-060            Group standing by car ca. 1940s
00098-062            Men and women in lawn tennis garb
00098-063            Horse drawn Red Cross wagon
00098-064            Formal water garden
00098-065            Woman and girl
00098-068            Woman leans on cannon
00098-069            Men and women in front of old building
00098-070            Middle Eastern scene with palms
00098-071            Group by cross monument
00098-073            Group in front of door
00098-075            Marquis DeMores holds red flag in family portrait 1895
00098-075            Group in doorway
00098-076            Lt. General Duc des Cars
00098-077            Schloss Seussit a Elbe
00098-078            Chateau de Bretagne
00098-079            Serthe-Chateau de Sourches
00098-080            Holzhausen
00098-081            Park Holzhausen
00098-082            Marie Therese laFond funeral card
00098-083            Chateau de Montjoye Rambouillet
00098-084            Chateau d’Abondant
00098-085            Schloss Holzhausen
00098-086            Pouilly-sur Loire
00098-087            Pouilly-sur Loire
00098-088            Chateau du Nozet
00098-089            Pouilly-sur Loire
00098-090            Environs de Dreux Chateau d’Abondant
00098-092            La Bocca Cannes, home of Baron Von Hoffman

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