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Photographs - Collections - 0051-00100 - #00091

Title: Fannie Dunn Quain

Dates: 1880-1939

Collection Number: 00091

Quantity: 534 images (some loose and others in six albums) and one album

Abstract: Early images of Bismarck, Yellowstone National Park, Hot Springs (S.D.), postcards, and many unidentified portraits.

Provenance: The Fannie Dunn Quain Papers were acquired as a gift from Mrs. Marion Kaiser in 1950 and the Medical Library of The Quain and Ramstad Clinic of Bismarck in 1979. The photograph collection was separated from the Quain manuscript collection.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-533, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyrights is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnotes and bibliographic references.

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Fannie Dunn Quain was born on February 13, 1874 in Bismarck, Dakota Territory. She graduated from University of Michigan's School of Medicine in 1898. Dr. Quain served her internship at the Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis and opened her own office in Bismarck in 1899.

Fannie Dunn Quain was one of the first white children born in the small prairie village of Bismarck, and later became as aficionado of the history of the capital city and later the state as a whole. The daughter of druggist John Pratt Dunn II, Mrs. Quain developed an early interest in the field of medicine as well; as one might expect, however, her gender proved to be an obstacle in late 19th century society. In addition, she was the first North Dakotan to enter and graduate from medical school. 

Mrs. Quain grew up in a home where entertaining notable Dakota Territory social, political, and military leaders was relatively common. She developed an interest in the history and politics of the Territory and later the State. Perhaps the most famous friend of the family was Mark Kellogg, the Bismarck Tribune reporter killed at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Many years later, Dr. Quain turned over the blood-stained diary of the reporter to the Bismarck Tribune for keeping in their archives. The diary is now part of the manuscript collections of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Dr. Quain is perhaps best remembered for her work against tuberculosis and the establishment of the North Dakota Tuberculosis Association. In addition Dr. Quain set up the first "baby clinic" in the state and worked hard to educate the public on diseases. A year before her death, Fannie Dunn Quain received the "Fifty Year Club" pin for her professional service as a physician in North Dakota.
Fannie Dunn Quain married Dr. Eric Quain in 1903; they had two children, Buell and Marion. Her son Buell won acclaim as an anthropologist, and is best remembered for his work in the Brazilian jungles with an obscure Indian group. Buell succumbed while working in South America, the apparent victim of an illness in 1939.

Dr. Fannie Dunn Quain died of a heart attack on February 2, 1950 in Bismarck, eleven days short of her seventy-sixth birthday.


00091-0001         Chasing Bear
00091-008b         Group ice skating
00091-0013a       Ice skating, two women and baby in ice carriage
00091-0175         J. P. Dunn and Mrs. Dunn in a group
00091-0176         St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Broadway, Bismarck (N.D.)
00091-0177         I. N. Harbaugh Land & Law Office
00091-0179         13th U.S. Cavalry on the march
00091-0180         To Arms To Arms 1898
00091-0181         Portrait of a Chinese man. Photographer: L. D. Judkins, Bismarck, Dakota 1887
00091-0182         Captain with petrified tree trunk. Photo inscribed by Frank Fiske to Captain Belk. See 1952-3961
00091-0183         N. F. Boucher, W. F. Cochrane, William A. Falconer in a law library
00091-0189         Mrs. J. B. Tabour
00091-0191         E. L. Faunce, Emma and Hattie
00091-0194         Dr. Fannie Dunn Quain and Mrs. Laura Belle Ward ____?
00091-0197         Sister Seraphine, F. B. Fiske, Fort Yates, N.Dak. see 1952-2847
00091-0198         Portrait of a nun, F. B. Fiske, Bismarck, N.Dak.
00091-0199         Boarding School girls and Sister Seraphine, F. B. Fiske, Fort Yates, N.Dak.
00091-0200         Indian Children "Guying" a "Tenderfoot"                             
00091-0201         Indian game, On-Na-Wa-Chea                  
00091-0202         Indian man in a canoe                   
00091-0203         Unidentified Indian man                              
00091-0204         Piegan Indian Warrior                   
00091-0205         Tall Man Dan (Sioux)                      
00091-0206         Red Crow
00091-0207         Chasing Bear                     
00091-0208         Rain-In-The-Face                            
00091-0209         Red Tomahawk                
00091-0210         Indian man in a canoe                   
00091-0211         Unidentified Indian man
00091-0212         Charles Bentley, Hot Springs (S.D.) Photographer: W. R. Cross
00091-0212         Charles Bentley, Sulphur Spring, Hot Springs (S.D.) Photographer: W. R. Cross
00091-0213         Editor’s Excursion to Hot Springs, S.D. and Gillespie Hotel Photographer: W. R. Cross
00091-0214         Sanatarium, Hot Springs (S.D.) Photographer: W. R. Cross
00091-0216         E. L. Faunce Paint Shop, about middle of the block north side of Broadway between 7th & 8th Streets, Bismarck (N.D.)
00091-0217         Wood frame home, with many trees, barbed wire fence in front of house and small child
00091-0218         Former Governor’s Mansion
00091-0218         Sakakawea Statue, Bismarck (N.D.)
00091-0224         Little Goose Canyon
00091-0226         Rapids, Yellowstone National Park
00091-0240         Fannie Dunn, age 17, Stella Tabour
00091-0241         Belle Ward, Fannie Dunn, Mabel Hunt, World’s Fair Chicago 1893                             
00091-0243         First all women jury in North Dakota, Bismarck (N.D.) July 26, 1923
00091-0250         Fannie Dunn
00091-0251         Fannie Dunn 1880
00091-0252         Dr. Fannie Dunn June 13, 1899
00091-0253         Dr. Fannie Dunn Quain
00091-261            Mrs. Vint Craven Gertrude Evarts and Fannie Dunn Quain
00091-0262-01   Teddy’s hunting adventures in Africa, lion
00091-0262-02   Teddy’s hunting adventures in Africa, shooting birds from a plane
00091-0262-03 Teddy’s hunting adventures in Africa, lion
00091-0262-04 Teddy’s hunting adventures in Africa, elephant
00091-0262-05   Teddy’s hunting adventures in Africa, snake
00091-0262-06   Teddy’s hunting adventures in Africa, leopard
00091-0262-07 Teddy’s hunting adventures in Africa, giraffe
00091-0262-08 Teddy’s hunting adventures in Africa, ostrich
00091-0262-09   Teddy’s hunting adventures in Africa, crocodile
00091-0262-10   Teddy’s hunting adventures in Africa, gorilla
00091-0262-11   Teddy’s hunting adventures in Africa, rhinocerous
00091-0263         Civic Improvement League garden, Bismarck (N.D.) 1909
00091-0264         Sakakawea statue, Bismarck (N.D.)
00091-0265         Shorty, the horse
00091-0281         Inspiration Point, Yellowstone National Park (Wyo.)
00091-0282         Yellowstone Falls (Wyo.)
00091-0283         Going to the Sun Mountain, Glacier National Park (Mont.)           
00091-0284         Lone Star geyser, Yellowstone National Park (Wyo.)
00091-0300         Group inside Wind Cave National Park, Hot Springs (S.D.)
00091-0311         Buffalo Polson
00091-0312         Bad Lands
00091-0313         Shoshone Canyon
00091-0314         Crow’s Nest Lake
00091-0315         Rustic Falls
00091-0316         Petrified tree trunk
00091-0317         Lake McDermott Chalet
00091-0318         Spouten by the Giant
00091-0319         Jackson Lake
00091-0320         Grotto Geyser
00091-0321         Yellowstone Canyon
00091-0322         Golden Gate
00091-0323         One side of Grotto
00091-0324         Dead Man’s Gulch
00091-0325         Powder River
00091-0326         Lone Star
00091-0327         Town on Flathead Lake
00091-0328         Holy City
00091-0329         Tetons
00091-0330         Bear in Elk Park
00091-0331         Logan Falls Lake McDermott
00091-0332         Divide Mountain
00091-0333         Triple Divide Peak, Hudson Bay Divide
00091-0334         Goat Mountain
00091-0335         Going to the Sun Glacier from St. Mary Lake
00091-0336         Rock over road, Glendive (Mont.)
00091-0337         East of Hudson Bay Divide
00091-0341         Ostrich
00091-0347         Elk River Canyon
00091-0352         Many Glacier Camp
00091-0353         Logan Falls
00091-0363         Tetons
00091-0364         Tent camping on Powder River “let ‘em buck”
00091-0365         Deer
00091-0366         Giant Geyser, Yellowstone National Park
00091-0367         Yellowstone Canyon
00091-0368         Powerhouse Hebgen Dam, Gallatin County, Mont.
00091-0369         Yellowstone Canyon
00091-0370         Holy City
00091-0371         Stile “sailing down to Buffalo”
00091-0374         Mrs. Reed, Chattanooga
00091-0379         Obelisk commemorating US Army, Arikara Scouts, and civilian dead at Little Big Horn
00091-0395         Rosa Carroll, 79 yrs, 4 mo, December 28, 1930, my dog Shep
00091-0396         Mother Campbell
00091-0397         Dan Campbell age 16
00091-0410         “My life is full of weary days” 1601 3rd Ave. S, Fargo, N.Dak.
00091-0411         Day after storm of February 22, 1922
00091-0416         Margaret, age 10
00091-0422         Donald, Harald and my self
00091-0430         Yellowstone Park July 26, 1920 Mrs. Lucken and 3 Dunlaps
00091-0434         View from our front window
00091-0440         “One nice day February 28, 1922” baby in buggy
00091-0446         Sister and boarding school children. Likely a Fiske photo
00091-0447         Boarding school girls pulling a sister and little girl in a wagon
00091-0448         Jack’s daughter, Frances, and son
00091-0449 – 0450 Street scene, possibly Edinburgh, Scotland
00091-0451         Hells Half Acre, Wyo.
00091-0455         Indian altar – offerings to the spirits
00091-0456         Crater Lake, Ore.
00091-0457         Salt Creek Falls, Ore.
00091-0458         Grant’s Tomb, Manhattan, NYC
00091-0466         Geyser
00091-0474         The resting place of Josephine R. Wakeman, Forest Lawn Memorial Park
00091-0477         See 00091-0252 Dr. Fannie Dunn June 13, 1899
00091-0478         Freight depot in deep snow. Photographer: F. B. Strauss, Bismarck, N.D.
00091-0479         The Ben Troyato family, Manitou, Colo.
00091-0480         Group of women on burrows at Manitou, Colo.
00091-0483         Robin and his colored friends
00091-0488         Leonard Stroup champion trick rider 1923
00091-0489         Mable Strickland champion lady trick rider, Belle Fourche, S.D.
00091-0491         Leonard Stroup on Indian Tom, Cheyenne, Wyo.
00091-0492         Sample of the bareback horses, Tri State Round-up, Belle Fourche, S.D.
00091-0493         “Moore makes ‘em buck”
00091-0495         Joseph Taylor Dunn 1867
00091-0499         Postcard – Red Star Line Antwerp-New York written by Mrs. E. P. Quain homeward bound to New York
00091-0502         Two ladies on board ship holding sign Breslau Bremen
00091-0503         Couple in chairs on ship deck
00091-0504         Mrs. Burton
00091-0505         Compliments of C. S. Moore
00091-0508         Mark Twain and his boyhood home, Hannibal, Mo. postcard dated 1914
00091-0509         Jefferson Davis Hotel, Montgomery, Ala. postcard dated 1936
00091-0510         Haiti postcard dated 1936
00091-0511         Dempsey Hotel, Macon, Ga. postcard dated 1936
00091-0512         Wild columbine postcard dated 1933
00091-0513         Tunnel and bridge on Iron Mountain Road, Black Hills, So.Dak. postcard
00091-0514         Scene on Needles Road, Custer State Park, Black Hills, So.Dak. postcard
00091-0515         Crystal Cave, Black Hills, S.D. postcard
00091-0516         Twin tunnels on Iron Mountain Road to Mt. Rushmore postcard
00091-0517         Napoleon Bonaparte House, New Orleans, La. postcard dated 1936
00091-0518         Fort Loudoun, built by George Washington, Winchester, Va. postcard dated 1936
00091-0519         Yosemite National Park postcard
00091-0520         First Avenue M. E. Church, St. Petersburg, Fla. postcard dated 1936
00091-0521         Gandy Bridge between Tampa and St. Petersburg, Fla. postcard dated 1939
00091-0522         Hall of the Hermitage, Nashville, Tenn. postcard dated 1936
00091-0523         The Hermitage, Nashville, Tenn. postcard dated 1936
00091-0524         Hennepin Ave. M. E. Church, Minneapolis, Minn. postcard dated 1936
00091-0525         Netherland Plaza Hotel, Cincinnati postcard dated 1936
00091-0526         Panorama view if Nice, France postcard
00091-0527         Broadway, Aurora, Ill. postcard dated 1912
00091-0528         General U. S. Grant home, Galena, Ill. postcard dated 1936
00091-0529         Cheyenne Lodge, Colo. postcard dates 1932
00091-0530         Out Where the West Begins, Hopi Pueblo postcard dated 1936
00091-0531         Cowboy’s Prayer postcard
00091-0534         Fannie Dunn Quain in riding habit
00091-Album 7-page001-02 E. A. Williams
00091-Album 7-page002-01 Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge and steamboat landing, Bismarck (N.D.)
00091-Album 7-page002-04 Dr. E. P. Quain residence, 518 Avenue A, Bismarck (N.D.)
00091-Album 7-page003-02 J P Dunn residence 6th Street moved to 3rd Street, Bismarck (N.D.)
00091-Album 7-page003-03 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Bismarck (N.D.)
00091-Album 7-page004-03 Civic Improvement League garden, Bismarck (N.D.) 1909
00091-Album 7-page004-06 First market day scene, Bismarck, N.Dak.
00091-Album 7-page005-05 E. A. Williams
00091-Album 7-page005-06 Troops march in parade in front of Bismarck Grocery Co.
00091-Album 7-page006-01 Camp Hancock, Bismarck, (N.D.) ca. 1910-1912
00091-Album 7-page006-02 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Bismarck (N.D.)
00091-Album 7-page008-02 Homan’s Restaurant & Bakery, 1st National Bank, 4th Street, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1903-1909
00091-Album 7-page 13-01 Ice skating, two women and baby in ice carriage
00091-Album 7-page 13-02 Buck Quain riding a mule
00091-Album 7-page 17-01 Woman feeding chickens
00091-Album 7-page 13-02 View of Edith’s Garden Party
00091-Album 7-page 13-03 Theodore Roosevelt cabin
00091-Album 7-page 18-01 Cars of L Duggan, Butte (Mont.) and Mrs. J. P. Dunn, Bismarck (N.D.) 1916
00091-Album 7-page 18-03 Jack Hanson’s room
00091-Album 7-page 18-04 Minnehaha Falls, Portland (Ore.)
00091-Album 7-page 19-01 Buck Quain riding a mule
00091-Album 7-page020-01 Sakakawea Statue ca. 1915-1920
00091-Album 7-page020-02 Mrs. J. P. Dunn’s car crossing the Little Missouri River August 10, 1915

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