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Photographs - Collections - 0051-00100 - #00088

Title: Daniel Webster Longfellow

Dates: 1876-1924

Collection Number: 00088

Quantity: 60 items

Photographs by O. S. Goff and others of Fort Berthold, American Indians, buttes and North Dakota landmarks.

Provenance: The State Historical Society purchased the Daniel Webster Longfellow collection from his daughter, Emily L. Latimer, (Mrs. H.B. Latimer), on March 28, 1945. The photographs and papers were transferred from the Museum Division to the State Archives.

Property Rights:
The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       

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Daniel Webster Longfellow was born April 14, 1852 in the village of St. Anthony Falls, Minnesota Territory to Jacob and Jane (Getchell) Longfellow. He worked on the family farm and attended school in winter. He later taught country school, worked in a bakery and in a grocery store.

Longfellow was headed to the Black Hills gold fields in 1876 when he stopped in Bismarck and worked for a few days at the J. W. Raymond store. Raymond sent him up the Steamer Josephine to manage the trading store at Fort Berthold, which he did until 1880. On June 4, 1879 he married Myra C. Calhoun,  the Grosventres teacher at Fort Berthold Agency. In 1880 he was a census enumerator. The 1880 census shows him to be a boarder with Charles Lemon Hall along with his wife Myra C. and three month old son Henry A. In another household lived a teamster, 19 year old Ansel Longfellow, who may have been a some relation because both he and Daniel’s parents were born in Maine.  In 1880 the family moved to Fargo and then Minneapolis, Minn. where he started a retail grocery store. He died March 16, 1943 in Hennepin County, Minn.
Source: MSS 20061 biographical sketch written by Longfellow in 1938 at age 86.


00088-0001         Group photo of Six Crow Indians, students at Carlisle Indian School, Carlisle (PA): Knows How to Strike Enemy, Foolish Head, Carries His Food, Big Hail Stone, and William Steele
00088-0002         Twenty Crow Indian students at Carlisle Indian School, Carlisle (PA): Beatrice Big Hail, daughter of Bread-on-Ankle, Charles Clawson, son of Takes-Things-First, Horace Greeley, son of Long Bear, Carl Leider, Hugh Leider, Benjamin Long Ear, son of Long Ear, Joe Martinus, son of John Martinus, John Morrison, son of Antelope Coyote, Ollie Yellow Face, Flora Pretty Lodge, daughter of Pretty Lodge, Martin Round Face, son of Round Face, Frank Shane, son of Goes Hunting, Fred Shane, son of Goes to Hunt (mother), Laura Shoot Large, daughter of Shoot-a-Lodge, Tommy Stewart, son of Thos. Stewart, George Thomas, William Three Iron, son of Three Irons, Jack Williams, son of White Breast, Alexander Wishaw, son of Plenty Bear, David Wishaw, adopted by Thomas Stewart.
00088-0003         Group of Indian children at Calhoun Cottage, Fort Buford (ND) photographer C. P. Brown, Minot             
00088-0004         Portrait of Byron Wilde Christmas 1903                 
00088-0005-1     Mrs. Charging and Mrs. Crow's Heart and others
00088-0005-2     Mrs. Charging and Mrs. Crow's Heart and others
00088-0006         Group of Indian children at school in Elbowoods (ND), 1924
00088-0007         Portrait of Old Cherries in the Mouth
00088-0008         Earth Lodge in Like-A-Fishhook Village, Fort Berthold Reservation (DT)  
00088-0009         Bismarck (DT)    1876                      
00088-0010         Leggings and wife
00088-0011         A group of six girls in their sitting room in Calhoun Cottage, Weston (WV)            
00088-0012         Mrs. Big Foot Buffaloe or Good Way
00088-0013         Medicine Poles at Independence (ND)                 
00088-0014         Putting up the tent at the 4th of July Celebration at Elbowoods (ND)      
00088-0015         A Sunday Congregation of Mandan Indians across the river from Elbowoods (DT) in front of a log house
00088-0016         A Sunday Congregation group on horses, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (DT)
00088-0017         Four Indian School Girls, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (DT)  
00088-0018         Three young Indian girls photographer C. L. Judd, Jamestown
00088-0019         Miss Annie Dawson (Arikara) as Minnehaha McCormick Studio, Boston
00088-0020         Wolf Chief photographer photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0021         Mrs. Naegle and her daughter Susie photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0022         Old Giant (Gros Ventre) photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0023         Mandan Quarters of Indian Village of Berthold (DT) photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0024         Crossing the Northern Pacific Railway and Little Missouri River. Stereoscope by F. Jay Haynes.
00088-0025         Clay Butte Badlands (ND)
00088-0026         Hard Horn and wives 1879 photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0027         Agency Buildings at Fort Berthold (DT) 1878 photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0028         Black Fox and Son of the Star (Arikara Chief)
00088-0029         Store at Fort Berthold with Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Webster Longfellow, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (DT) photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0030         Looking across Mandan Quarters at Indian Village, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (DT) photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0031         Mud images of animals made by Indian boys at Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (DT) photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0032         Mandan Earth Lodge, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (DT) photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck   
00088-0033         Blockhouse at Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (DT) photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0034         One Who Gathers Berries Running (Old Bets) Ha-za-e-yon-ke-win, St. Paul (MN)
00088-0035         Pottery made by Mandan Indians at Fort Berthold (ND) photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0036         Parsonage at Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (DT) 1879
00088-0037         View of parsonage in the distance at Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (DT) 1879 photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0038         Badlands Scene (ND) photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0039         Cerlew Canyon of Little Missouri River 1879 stereoscope by F. Jay Haynes
00088-0040         Gatling Gun standing front of Officers Quarters, possibly Fort Stevenson (DT) photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0041         Mandan Bull boat 1879
00088-0042         Residence at Spinney Highlands               
00088-0043         Flour Mill Bismarck (DT) 1870s photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0044         Wrecked Steamer Montana
00088-0045         Indians with horses cattle, women and children on ground photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0046         Arikara Medicine Lodge at Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (DT)               photographer S. J. Morrow, Yankton              
00088-0047         Indian woman and two children in front of tipi
00088-0048         Son of the Star (Arikara Chief) photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0049         Exploits of Black Fox, Indian History drawings photographer O.S. Goff Bismarck
00088-0050         Young Man's Hall Santee Normal Training School, Santee Agency (NE) photographer W. R. Cross, Norfolk and Niobrara, Neb.
00088-0051         Boy's Cottage Santee Normal Training School, Santee Agency (NE) photographer W. R. Cross, Norfolk and Niobrara, Neb.
00088-0052         Curios Collection photographer O.S. Goff
00088-0053         Indian with eagle feather fan photographer O.S. Goff
00088-0054         Poor Wolf
00088-0055         Two Indian braves seated in front of a fence photographer O.S. Goff
00088-0056         "One of my Indian neighbors and children (3)."
00088-0057         Six Indians in front of a painted background in studio
00088-0058         An old Indian Gros Ventres who became a Christian when nearly 70 years old
00088-0059         One of our schoolboy's grandfather with pipe sitting in a field
00088-0060         Indian schoolboy studio portrait, Kenton (OH)

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