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Title: Historical Data Project

Dates: 1896-1942

Collection Number: 00075

Quantity: 846 items

Abstract: These photographs were part of the North Dakota Writers Project files for the North Dakota Guide, WPA construction project files, and Pioneer Biography Files. Includes WPA buildings, road construction projects, images of drought, farming, irrigation projects, coal mining, 4-H activities, and agriculture students in the National Youth Administration program.

Provenance: These records were collected as a joint project of the Historical Data Project, Professional and Service Division of the Work Projects Administration and the State Historical Society of North Dakota. At the end of the project the records were deposited with the State Historical Society.

Public records are not subject to copyright restrictions, although record series may contain copyrighted material. Consideration of such copyrights is the responsibility of the researcher.

This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection name, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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Series 30529 Historical Society. Historical Data Project, Pioneer Biography Files


Established in April 1936, the Historical Data Project was sponsored by the Division of Women' and Professional Projects, Work Progress Administration and the State Historical Society of North Dakota. The purpose of the Historical Data Project was to gather biographical and historical information on early settlers in North Dakota. To limit the scope of the survey, a "pioneer" was "defined as a person who was born before 1870 and who lived in Dakota Territory prior to the division into North and South Dakota, or as the first settler in a township." In addition, Historical Data Project personnel prepared historical sketches of North Dakota counties, cities, townships, agriculture, fraternal organizations, political parties, population, railroads, climate, natural resources, prominent citizens, etc., and prepared transcripts of early North Dakota county and township records having genealogical and historical value. The survey work of the Historical Data Project ceased in 1940.

The North Dakota Writers’ Project began in 1935 and was sponsored by the Division of Women’s and Professional Projects, Works Progress Administration, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota. Many of the publications planned by the North Dakota Writers’ Project were never published. Three notable exceptions are:

North Dakota: A Guide to the Northern Prairie State, 1938
A History of Richland County and the City of Wahpeton, North Dakota, 1938 sponsored by the Wahpeton Park Committee
A History of Bismarck, 1938 sponsored by the Bismarck Association of Commerce

The North Dakota Writers’ Project gathered information for other proposed publications, including a history of grazing, a book on the origin of North Dakota place names, a folklore study, and a book entitled “America Eats.” Survey work of the North Dakota Writers’ Project ended in 1942.


00075-001            Pete Verschaete seeding with Caterpillar Diesel, Bowesmount (ND)
00075-002            Ed Schmiesing threshing barley in Davenport (ND)
00075-003            Wrecked binder
00075-004            Making Hay
00075-005            Tractor show. Photographer, Cooper Studio, Grand Forks, N.D.
00075-006            Two young men eating in a shack         
00075-007            Dust storm 1930
00075-008            Plowing with a Case tractor
00075-009            Cultivating field of dried up corn and sand 1930
00075-010 – 011 Plowing with a Case tractor
00075-012            Discing with a John Deere tractor
00075-013            Caterpillar Diesel D7 leveling irrigation land on 6000 acres for the Farm Security Administration Lewis and Clark project near Williston (ND) November 15, 1940
00075-014            Small combine at work
00075-015            Plowing with a Case tractor
00075-016            two coal miners looking at gauge
00075-017            Loading coal into cars at Knife River Coal Mining Co.
00075-018            Mine inspector examining coal
00075-019            Miners moving coal
00075-020            Two coal miners eating meal underground
00075-021            Man making coal briquettes
00075-022            Three Jersey cows by a building
00075-023            Stripping overburden for open pit coal mine, Wilton (ND) November 15, 1940
00075-025            Group of people standing, looks like an auction
00075-026            Automobiles parked in a field, tents in the background, groups of people at an auction ca. 1920-1930
00075-027            Caterpillar Diesel D7 leveling irrigation land on 6000 acres for the Farm Security Administration Lewis and Clark project near Williston (ND) November 15, 1940
00075-028            Stacking alfalfa hay 1937
00075-029            Walter Mergenthal disking with small caterpillar Hillsboro (ND) May 3, 1937
00075-030            Case tractor pulling three-bottom plow 1940
00075-031            Erwin Schumacher discing near Drayton (ND) October 17, 1940
00075-032            Plowing with Case tractor
00075-033            Woman between shocks of wheat                             
00075-034            Cultivating corn
00075-035            Cutting alfalfa hay
00075-036            Alkmaar farm
00075-037            House with automobile and a large sinkhole in the yard. Tribune photo 1930
00075-038            Lee-Land Farm, Brown Swiss Cattle, Carl E, Lee, proprietor near Valley City (ND)
00075-039            Cattle barn, Cass County (ND)
00075-040            Barn on large farm in Red River Valley. Photographer: Vachon
00075-041            Sweet clover field north of Fargo (ND). Photographer: Nasvik July 1937
00075-042            Dead crops
00075-043            Grain field in drought
00075-044            Close up of dead crops
00075-045            Barn on large farm in Red River Valley (ND). Photographer: Vachon
00075-046            Goldberg seed, flour, twine, molasses, West Fargo (ND)
00075-047            Large barn with Holstein cows in front
00075-048            Golden Guernsey Milk and Cream building with farmstead and large group of Holstein cattle
00075-049            Tomatoes in fields
00075-050            Children with apples
00075-051            Oscar Will Victor tomatoes in field August 1940
00075-052            Oscar Will boxes of onion bulbs drying in the sun August 1940
00075-053 – 054 Man standing in front of trees
00075-055            Sacking onions
00075-056            Court of Honor turkeys at the annual All American Turkey Show, Grand Forks (ND)
00075-057            Cultivating corn with horse team
00075-058            Corn afflicted by drought and eaten by grasshoppers, WPA photo
00075-059            Dying corn crop
00075-060            Drought-stressed corn
00075-061            Filling a trench silo with corn, Red River Valley (ND)                           
00075-062            Corn grain bins at Casselton (ND)
00075-063            Ribbon winning Red River Valley potatoes
00075-064            Piles of potatoes in storage area
00075-065            Executive Committee of Wm. A. Broyles Chapter of the Future Farmers of America meeting, President Allen Flaten, presiding at the Walsh Co. Agricultural and Training School
00075-066            Walsh Co. Agricultural and Training School Vocational Agriculture students engaged in a crops identification and judging contest
00075-067            Walsh Co. Agricultural and Training School student in National Defense Course in Electricity wires a practice house
00075-068            Arden Burbridge, graduate of the Walsh Co. Agricultural and Training School, demonstrates how to trim a hedge to visiting Ag. students
00075-069            NYA Agriculture students try out a new tuber unit potato planter on the school farm
00075-070            NYA students remodel old barn for a new and additional dorm
00075-071            Marvin Drevecky, Agriculture student, with his turkey project, a sun porch for turkey poults built in the school shop
00075-072         Quentin Daley, Vocational Agriculture, looks over part of his hog feeding project
00075-073            Vocational Agriculture students on project tour look over a student’s turkey project
00075-074            Agriculture students and potato growers learn to identify potato diseases in the field
00075-075            Walsh Co. Agricultural and Training School class in Animal Husbandry learn to judge horses
00075-076            Walsh Co. Agricultural and Training School Home Economics students build exhibits for the annual Midwinter Fair and State Potato Show
00075-077            Walsh Co. Agricultural and Training School Vocational Agriculture students learn to identify crops, seeds, weeds, and crop diseases
00075-078            Boys Dorm at the Walsh Co. Agricultural and Training School built with NYA labor, formerly a barn
00075-079            Walsh Co. Agricultural and Training School, Park River (ND) road leading to gymnasium on left, superintendent’s residence on right
00075-080            NYA student learns to operate a lathe in the Mechanics course
00075-081            Walsh Co. Agricultural and Training School Home Economics students prepare a dinner
00075-082            M. H. McDonald, Livestock Instructor, points out strong and weak characteristics of a laying hen
00075-083            Robert Flaten, Matt McDonald, Sheldon Strong, Warner Tesmer, Ag students learn to cook
00075-084            M. H. McDonald, Livestock Instructor, shows students how to judge poultry
00075-085            NYA students planting potatoes on school farm with a Farmall tractor
00075-086            Windmill
00075-087            Bees near shelterbelt on John Wieland farm, Barnes County (ND)
00075-088            Millet yields well and the seed is equal to corn for fattening hogs and turkeys
00075-089            Soybeans in Richland County (ND)
00075-090            Veterans Hospital, Fargo (ND)
00075-091            Sod and log post office, Grassy Butte (ND)
00075-092            Old log church near Arnegard, McKenzie County (ND)
00075-093            Sod post office, Grassy Butte (ND)
00075-094            View of O'Neil Block with businesses, Gate City Building and Loan Association and Royal Jewelers ca. 1944. Anderson photo
00075-095            Bridgeman-Russell Co., Grand Forks (ND)
00075-096            Northern Packing Co., Grand Forks (ND)
00075-097            Administration Building, Union Stockyards, West Fargo (ND)
00075-098            Armour and Co., West Fargo (ND)
00075-099            Union Stockyards, West Fargo (ND)
00075-100            Field House, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (ND)
00075-101            North Dakota Agricultural College building
00075-102            Episcopal Bishop's House, Fargo (ND)
00075-103            Home in Fargo (ND)
00075-104            Edwin G. Clapp home, Fargo (ND)
00075-105            Episcopal Bishop's House, Fargo (ND)
00075-106            Home in Fargo (ND)
00075-107            Episcopal Bishop's House, Fargo (ND)
00075-108            Episcopal Bishop's House, Fargo (ND)
00075-109            T. B. Hull home in Fargo (ND)
00075-110            Edwin G. Clapp home, Fargo (ND)
00075-111            Edwin G. Clapp home, Fargo (ND)
00075-112            Home in Fargo (ND)
00075-113 – 114 Fargo Forum building
00075-115            Federal Building, Fargo (ND)
00075-116            Fargo parade 1940s
00075-117            Cattle being driven to White Butte (ND) for shipment out due to drought and lack of feed and water
00075-118            Man filling barrels on wagons with water
00075-119            Cattle watering at wind mill
00075-120            Episcopal Bishop's House, Fargo (ND)
00075-121            Loading bulls on Great Northern Sire sales train
00075-122            Cattle watering in stream
00075-123            Two men and a lady celebrating Killdeer, ND 25th anniversary. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-124            Polo-Badlands (ND). Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-125            Annear Ranch horses. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-126            Loading cattle to market
00075-127            Kell Lovell and Barbara Ann Zimbrick, dressed as a cowboy and cowgirl, eating hot dogs, Killdeer (ND)
00075-128            Man watering a large herd of sheep
00075-129            Cattle in corral
00075-130            Cattle feeding
00075-131 – 132 Cattle being driven to White Butte (ND) for shipment out due to drought and lack of feed and water July 26, 1936
00075-133            Man watching cows in stream
00075-134            Cattle wading through stream
00075-135            Cow in mud
00075-136            Cattle in stream
00075-137            Dried up stream bed, Adams County (ND) August 1, 1936
00075-138            Cattle watering
00075-139            Portrait of a person with western attire, and cowboy hat
00075-140            Portrait of a cowboy. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-141            Horse in stall
00075-142            Typical North Dakota ranch home. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-143            Ben Bird riding a horse. Photographer: Leo D. Harris                       
00075-144            Rainbow's herd. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-145            Rainbow's offspring tied and waiting for the branding iron. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-146A         Cattle roundup. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-146B         Branding. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-147            "Horse Opera". Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-148            Beef cattle. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-149            Cattle on open range, Fort Berthold (ND). Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-150            Rambouillet sheep, Adams County (ND). Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-151            Cow in mud
00075-152 – 153 Dirt covered road Minot (ND)   
00075-154            Mike Sullinger looking up into the sky, Carson (ND)
00075-155            Close up of soil cracked from lack of moisture 1930
00075-156            James McIntyre and son
00075-157            Plowing
00075-158            Discing, using a Case tractor
00075-159            Frank Daeley farm, Devils Lake (ND)
00075-160            Arno Kresse farm, Cass County, ND
00075-161            H. R. Tortin farm, Sheldon, ND                  
00075-162            W. J. Steinbach standing between trees, New Rockford (ND)                     
00075-163            Four adults and one child eating watermelon, W. J. Steinbach family, New Rockford (ND)            
00075-164            Delores Hoerauf of Grassy Butte (ND) and Pat Woods of Killdeer (ND)
00075-165            George Voight with Rainbow, the great wild Pinto stallion
00075-166            Two grown horses and a colt
00075-167            Horses on the open range
00075-168            Horses in a pen
00075-170            Horses herding cattle
00075-171            Rounding up cattle
00075-172            Pushing cattle into stream, White Butte (ND)
00075-173            Cattle in coral
00075-174            Cattle roundup
00075-175            Rounding up cattle
00075-176            Cattle roundup
00075-177            Cattle crossing railroad tracks, White Butte (ND)
00075-178            Cattle grazing
00075-179            Men with show cattle
00075-180            Sheep
00075-181            Rambouillet sheep
00075-182            Sheep herd, Adams County (ND);
00075-183            Rambouillet sheep drinking water
00075-184            Railroad work crews cleaning railroad beds
00075-191            Men working on the banks of the filtration plant, Mandan (ND)
00075-192            Ditch construction
00075-193            Workers laboring on the sewage treatment plant, Linton (ND)
00075-194            Line of trucks waiting to dump grain at Monarch Elevator and Farmers, Hillsboro (ND)
00075-195            Interior view of construction of the Armory, Valley City (ND)
00075-196            School gym construction, Strasburg (ND)
00075-197            Badlands rock formation. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-198 – 199 Little Missouri River, Medora (ND)
00075-200            Little Missouri River valley south of Watford City (ND). Photographer: Russell Reid
00075-201            Gravel lake at the State Fish Hatchery, 8 miles west of St. John. Photographer: Russell Reid
00075-202 – 203 Valley City Marketplace under construction
00075-204            Park, Grand Forks (ND). Photographer: Lee’s
00075-205            Aerial view Minot 1940
00075-206            Elevators and depot. Max (ND). Photographer: Vachon
00075-207            Power plant
00075-208            Main Street, Michigan (ND) October 1937. Photographer: Lee
00075-209            View from hill overlooking Velva (ND). Photographer: Vachon
00075-210            Main Street, Martin (SD). Photographer: Vachon
00075-211            Bridge between Fargo and Moorhead
00075-212            Dead field of crops
00075-213            Statue of a woman and child in snow
00075-214 – 216 unidentified buildings
00075-217            Reflecting pool and Washington Monument, Washington (DC)
00074-218            C & O Canal lock
00074-219            The East Court,(KY)
00075-220            Elevating grader building a road 3 miles north of Eckelson (ND) September 18, 1937
00075-221            WPA farm
00075-222            Fargo Horse Market, Union Stockyards
00075-223            Spirea in bloom, Fargo (ND)
00075-224            Folk Festival - Group photo of people in ethnic costumes
00075-225            Horse skeleton lying in field of stubble
00075-226            Men seeding by hand and machine
00075-227 – 228 Two young men cooking in a shack, see 00075-006
00075-229            People repairing chairs
00075-230            Board of Electors in McIntosh County
00075-231 – 233 German-Russian farmers waiting to vote in McIntosh County   
00075-234            Composite with State Capitol prior to construction of the J-Wing in center           
00075-235            WPA administration exhibit at the 26th National Safety Congress, Kansas City (MO) October 11-16, 1937
00075-237 – 239 Federal Writers' Project booth display of U.S. state guide handouts, Kansas City (MO)
00075-240            Cass County school children dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
00075-241            Buk Ulreich mural at the Eddy County Courthouse, New Rockford (ND)
00075-242            Indians Demanding Wagon Toll mural by Leo Beaulaurier, Cavalier County Courthouse, Langdon (ND)
00075-243            Three tipis
00075-244            Studio portrait of head and shoulders of Sitting Bull, Dakota Chief, wearing two feathers in hair. Barry photo 1880
00075-245            Etching of Gen. Custer, copy of image from "Tenting on the Plains" by E.B. Custer.
00075-246            Drawing of Marquis de Mores    1889                      
00075-247            Portrait of a girl about 12, with a costume, possibly a dance group
00075-248            Great Hall, State Capitol, Bismarck (ND)
00075-249 – 250 Farmstead
00075-251            Street scene at 11th St. and 5th Ave. S., Fargo (ND)
00075-252            New housing, Fargo (ND)
00075-253            State Capitol, Bismarck (ND)
00075-254 – 256 Farm implements on display at racetrack with grandstand, McLaughlin (SD)
00075-257            Modern potato warehouse, Grafton (ND)
00075-258            Winter sports arena, Rolla (ND)
00075-259            WPA swimming pool, New Rockford (ND)
00075-260 – 261 Auditorium, school and gym, Lidgerwood (ND)
00075-262            Richland County Courthouse, Wahpeton (ND)
00075-263            Bleachers, athletic field, Wahpeton (ND)
00075-264            Scoreboard, Wahpeton (ND)
00075-265            Park building, Wahpeton (ND)
00075-266            Park building, Wahpeton (ND)
00075-267            School gym, Linton (ND)
00075-268            Sewage disposal plant, Linton (ND)
00075-269            School gym, Linton (ND)
00075-270            View of longest rustic outdoor stairway in North Dakota at Linton Park
00075-271            Sports Arena, Grafton (ND)
00075-272            Sports Arena interior, Grafton (ND)  
00075-273            City Hall Grafton (ND)
00075-274            Auditorium Park River (ND)
00075-275            City Hall, Tuttle (ND) built by the WPA 1938
00075-276            School and gymnasium, Strasburg (ND)
00075-277            Community Building, Edinburg (ND)
00075-278            Community Building, Crosby (ND)
00075-279            Community Building, Inkster (ND)
00075-280            Community Building, McVille (ND)
00075-281            City Hall, Hague (ND)
00075-282            Community Building, Plaza (ND)
00075-283            City Hall, Walhalla (ND)
00075-284 – 285 Park Auditorium, Jamestown (ND)
00075-286            Auditorium, Jamestown (ND)
00075-287            Fairgrounds Building, Grand Forks (ND)
00075-288            University Mechanic Arts Building, Grand Forks (ND)
00075-289            School gym, Tioga (ND)
00075-290            Armory, Valley City (ND)
00075-291            School Addition, Plaza (ND)
00075-292            Sheridan County Courthouse, McClusky
00075-293            Fairgrounds Auditorium, Fessenden (ND)
00075-294            Community building, Van Hook (ND)
00075-295            Hospital, Bowbells (ND)
00075-296            Courthouse Addition, Napoleon (ND)
00075-297            Auditorium and Armory, Cavalier (ND)
00075-298            School building, Parshall (ND)
00075-299            City Hall, Tappen (ND). Sign on building: 1938 Fire Hall
00075-300            School Addition construction, Ashley (ND)
00075-301            School addition, Zeeland (ND)
00075-302            School Gym and Auditorium, Turtle Lake (ND)
00075-303            Community Building, Gilby (ND)
00075-304            Community Building Tolna (ND)
00075-305 – 306 Winter Sports Building under construction, Fargo (ND)
00075-307            Fairgrounds, Bottineau (ND)
00075-308            The old cottonwood tree at Walhalla directly across the street east of where the first mission church was built. Also marks the Indian trail from Walhalla to Pembina called the North Trail
00075-309            St. Michael Store and Post Office
00075-310            WPA building at Center (ND)
00075-311            Scranton Bridge; Work Projects Administration; View looking toward arches of bridge, car on bridge with power pole in background.
00075-312            Theodore Roosevelt's Cabin Bismarck (ND); Front view showing an iron gate structure in front of the Roosevelt Cabin
00075-313            St. Patrick’s Church. Photographer: Presthus Studio, Dickinson, N.D.
00075-314            Dickinson Ice and Concrete Products, Dickinson (ND)
00075-315            School, Dickinson (ND)
00075-316            Dickinson Fire and Pressed Brick Co., Dickinson (ND)
00075-317            Armory, Dickinson (ND)
00075-318            Public Library built in 1908, Dickinson (ND)
00075-319            Building, Dickinson (ND)
00075-320            Country Club house at golf links, Dickinson (ND)
00075-321            Building, Dickinson (ND)
00075-322            St. Joseph’s Hospital, Dickinson (ND)
00075-323 – 324 State Teachers’ College, Dickinson (ND)
00075-325            The Schools, Neche (ND)
00075-326            Composite postcard: grain elevators, public school, Bank of Neche Block, and G. N. Dam, Neche (ND)
00075-327            Presbyterian Church, Neche (ND)
00075-328            High School, Park River (ND)
00075-329            Plowing snow Fargo (ND)
00075-330            Concordia College, Moorhead (MN)
00075-331            Water treatment plant, Mandan (ND)
00075-332            St. Rose of Lima Church, Hillsboro (ND) exterior
00075-334            Building construction near Lake Ilo (ND)
00075-335            Aerial view of campgrounds, Lake Ilo (ND)
00075-336            Lower dam, Burlington (ND)
00075-337            Men and horse teams building Odland Dam
00075-338            Men and horse teams working near Lake Charles (ND)
00075-339            Rock cabin with chimney, on Long Lake, Moffit (ND)
00075-340 – 341 Construction at Long Lake, Moffit (ND)
00075-342            Road leveling near Long Lake, Moffit (ND)
00075-343 – 344 Scene near Pioneer Lake
00075-345 – 350 Scene near Stoney Slough
00075-351 – 353 Lake Metigoshe, Bottineau (ND)
00075-354 – 357 Stewart Lake June 5, 1937
00075-358 – 359 Sunburst Lake, gully washed by drain
00075-360            Near Sand Lake (ND)
00075-361            Group in a rowboat
00075-362 – 363 Swimming
00075-364            Children on a merry-go-round or roundabout
00075-365 – 368 Badlands
00075-369 – 372 Farmstead. Tribune photo
00075-373            Grain tanks, farm (ND)
00075-374            Picnic shelter under construction, Waubay (SD)
00075-375            Franklin gulls, Long Lake, Moffit (ND)
00075-376            Mallard ducking on the Lower Souris
00075-377            Franklin gulls, Long Lake, Moffit (ND)
00075-378            Person holding a Duck Hawk at Long Lake, Moffit (ND)
00075-379            Chukar Partridges at State Caretakers home, Mandan (ND)
00075-380            Canadian geese, Sand Lake
00075-381            Soldiers’ Home, Lisbon (ND)
00075-382            St. Rose of Lima Church, Hillsboro (ND)
00075-383            Junior High School, Wahpeton (ND)
00075-384            Corn stored in wood fenced bins
00075-385            Man standing in a field of corn
00075-386            Tools used in corn husking
00075-387            Basket of Oscar Will corn
00075-388            Blanket laid with dead birds and foxes
00075-389            Dead coyotes
00075-390            Bird shelters built at Wintering River, (ND)
00075-391            Pelicans, Chase Lake (ND) July 4, 1938
00075-392            People measuring pelican wingspan
00075-393            Geese at Dakota Lake
00075-394            Sea gulls
00075-395            Pintail duck nest, Willow Lake (ND)
00075-396            Gull nest
00075-398            John Hefferman and Mrs. Rosa Thomas on horses, Williston 50th Anniversary celebration 1939   
00075-399            Lewis Kirkland crossing the Morreau River on horseback in western SD 1896. He was a mailman between New England (ND) and Seim (SD) on the Grand River
00075-400 – 402 Steer judging
00075-403            4-H competitors
00075-404            Man and woman with cattle and a hog
00075-405            4-H competitors
00075-406            First sheep flown to West Fargo Union Stockyards
00075-407 – 408 Four men standing in a wooden pen with sheep 1940. Tribune photo
00075-409            Man by barn with two hogs in yard 1940. Tribune photo
00075-410            4-H prize winners
00075-411            Lambs Cass County
00075-412            Barn and flock of turkeys 1940. Tribune photo
00075-413            Turkeys in group
00075-414            Old steam tractor, near Lake Ilo
00075-415            Tractor show
00075-416 – 417 Oscar Will Produce
00075-418            Plums and Plum-Cherries grown on seedling trees. Raised from cross-pollinated seed   
00075-419            Baskets of berries
00075-420            Potato harvest
00075-421 – 422 Field of uncut grain       
00075-423            People standing near a field
00075-424            Field of uncut grain
00075-425            Woman pouring coffee in kitchen. Tribune photo
00075-426 – 427 Children at tables eating. Tribune photo
00075-428            Children picking up food. Tribune photo
00075-429            Women at the serving table. Tribune photo
00075-430            Baukol-Noonan Lignite Inc., Noonan (ND). Photographer: Nelson
00075-431            Lehigh Briquette Plant. Photographer: Osborn, Dickinson, N.D.
00075-432            Truax-Traer Lignite Coal Co., Minot (ND)
00075-433            Bucyrus dragline loading coal into rail cars, Minot (ND)
00075-434            Stripping coal
00075-435 – 438 road building. Tribune photo
00075-440 – 441 Log cabin, Center (ND)
00075-444            Plowing snow
00075-445a         Ski jump that began in ND and landed in MN; Photo by Henry Bogenrief Fargo (ND) 1930
00075-445b         Castle Ice 1930 
00075-446            Nursery school, Fargo (ND)
00075-446b         Man in a trench
00075-447            Straw stack
00075-447a         Stone monument
00075-447b         Group of Indians in an arbor
00075-448a         Stone monument: Pioneers 1883-1933 Paul Kretschmar, F. Dobler
00075-448b         August Makes Trouble, Indian dancer
00075-449            Native American woman peeling bark off logs                   
00075-450            Three Native Americans ‘Out Where the West Begins’  
00075-451 – 452 unidentified portraits
00075-453            Portrait of a man ‘The Last Hope’. Photographer: Pasonault, Williston, N.D.
00075-454            First postmaster, Hazen (ND)    
00075-455            North Dakota team in the students’ National Contest in Judging Dairy Cattle won championship honors with teams from twenty states. L-R: J.R. Dice, Coach, Harper Brush who won the $400 Jersey Scholarship, Albert Skrei, Burt Oderkirk and George Gregory, alternate 1922
00075-456            Six horses tied together by a rope
00075-457            Monument erected in honor of Father Jerome Hunt, 2 miles north of Fort Totten Agency (ND)
00075-458            Standing Rock monument. Photographer: Fiske Studio, Fort Yates (ND)
00075-459            A man stands next to the Wrong Side Up monument, New Salem (ND). The inscription reads: "'Wrong Side Up' These words were spoken to John Christiansen on this spot in the spring of 1883 by a Sioux Indian. John was plowing under the prairie grass. Pondering this phrase made New Salem a successful dairy center."
00075-460            Lilac City; Scouts with lilacs to be delivered to 200 shut-ins, Fargo (ND) May 1940
00075-461            WPA Log cabin, Center (ND)
00075-462            First post office at Smugglers Point, Pembina County (ND)
00075-463 – 466 Log cabin
00075-467            Car on a snow covered road north of Mandan (ND) January 8, 1936. Photographer: Paul S. Bliss
00075-468            Trees cut for posts, Sully’s Hill
00075-469            Log house built by Icelandic at Hallson 1928
00075-470            Tent camp
00075-471            Mother and child
00075-472            Blockhouse at Fort Lincoln State Park, Mandan (ND). Photographer: Russell Reid
00075-473            Road building Kensal (ND)
00075-474            Road over marsh near Kelly’s Slough, Walsh County (ND)
00075-475            Burning straw stack
00075-476            Great North Railroad Bridge over Pembina River, Neche (ND)
00075-478            Railroad bridge, Valley City (ND)               
00075-479            Clothing in store window with sign: USA Work Program WPA
00075-480            Richland County Soldiers Memorial, Wahpeton (ND)
00075-481            Hunters with birds they shot outside P. B. Rognlie Dealer in Hardware and Furniture, Esmond (ND)
00075-482            North entrance, Theodore Roosevelt National Park
00075-483            Roosevelt Bridge crossing Grand Canyon of Little Missouri Watford City (ND)
00075-484            Lake Metigoshe                Bottineau (ND)
00075-485            Aerial view, Park River (ND)
00075-486            St. Francis Academy, Hankinson (ND)
00075-487            St. Patrick School, Dickinson (ND)
00075-488            Richland County Courthouse, Wahpeton (ND)
00075-489            Public Library, Wahpeton (ND)
00075-490            Scattered Corn (Mandan Indian) with hoe, Fort Berthold Agency
00075-491            Knife River Coal Mining Co.
00075-492 – 494 Truax-Traer Lignite Coal Co. Minot (ND)
00075-496            ‘The Resident Engineer’
00075-497            Homestead shack
00075-498            Men on scaffolding of church steeple under construction
00075-499 – 502 Rustic Bridge over lagoon at Linton State Park Linton (ND)
00075-503            Aerial view of Linton State Park, Linton (ND)
00075-504            Picnic table and bench at Linton State Park, Linton (ND)
00075-505 – 506 Rustic Bandstand at Linton State Park, Linton (ND)                         
00075-507            Bridge over river ca. 1920-1940
00075-508 – 510 Antoine B. Gingras Trading Post and house, Walhalla (ND)          
00075-511            Aerial view of River Park, Park River (ND)             
00075-512            Tobacco Gardens in McKenzie County (ND)
00075-513            Hidden Corrals near Watford City (ND)
00075-514 – 517 Bad Lands near Watford City (ND)          
00075-518            Island Park winter scene Fargo (ND)
00075-519            Skinny Man's Gulch, Killdeer Mountains
00075-520            Petrified stump at Theodore Roosevelt National Park
00075-521            Theodore Roosevelt name inscribed on petrified log 1885
00075-522            Chaloner Ranch "The Toad Stool" nature's sculpture
00075-523            Scoria cliff with a profile like a man, Fryberg (ND)
00075-524            Woman looking at documents in an office
00075-525            Pioneer family standing by house and other buildings
00075-526            WPA Log Cabin, Center (ND)
00075-527            Shrine Ceremonial, Killdeer Mountains June 1926
00075-528            Man standing next to rock formation located 2 miles east of Fort Totten named "Devil's Tooth" because of shape
00075-529 – 530 Winter scene at Sully's Hill near Devils Lake (ND) 1926
00075-531            Custer's Camp and trail called Pump Coulee 9 mi. NE of Carson where Custer forces camped
00075-532 – 533 Bad Lands near Watford City (ND). Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-534            Children on merry-go-round or roundabout, Fargo (ND)
00075-535            W. W. Jeske Experiment Station, Dickinson (ND)
00075-536            North Dakota Experiment Station fields;
00075-537 – 538 NDAC cow barns, Fargo (ND)                                    
00075-539 – 540 North Dakota Agricultural College dairy farm, Fargo (ND) ca. 1920-1940 
00075-540            North Dakota dairy farm
00075-541            Dairy meeting, New Salem (ND)
00075-542            Dairy cattle 1941
00075-543            Men loading sacks of potatoes on a truck Casselton (ND) 1940
00075-544            Large group of men picking potatoes and putting them into baskets
00075-545            Corn field, Mapleton (ND)          
00075-546            Corn field along the Missouri River
00075-547            Corn crop in the Red River Valley
00075-548            Man on a Farmall tractor pulling a corn picker harvesting corn in Red River Valley 1940
00075-549            Display of corn ears
00075-550 – 551 Veteran's Hospital Fargo (ND)
00075-552            Entrance to NDSU, Fargo (ND)
00075-553            Agriculture Building, NDSU, Fargo (ND)
00075-554            Main Building, NDSU, Fargo (ND)
00075-555            Library Building NDSU, Fargo (ND)
00075-556            Main Hall Agricultural Building, NDSU, Fargo (ND)
00075-557            Aerial of NDSU, Fargo (ND)
00075-558            Aerial of State Normal School, Mayville (ND)
00075-559 – 560 Residence houses, Fargo (ND)
00075-561            Fine Arts Club, Fargo 1931           
00075-562            Racetrack at Cass County Fairground Fargo 1920-1930                    
00075-563            Swimming pool, Fargo (ND)
00075-564            Lots of kids at new swimming pool, Fargo (ND)
00075-565            Two people walking across bridge between Fargo and Moorhead 1940
00075-566            Underpass at 10th St. Fargo (ND) 1940
00075-567            Underpass 10th and 13th Streets Great Northern Railroad and Northern Pacific Railroad Fargo (ND) 1940
00075-568            Northern Pacific office, Fargo 1940
00075-569            First National Bank and Trust Co., Fargo (ND)                     
00075-570            Sears Building, Fargo (ND) 1940
00075-571            First Lutheran Church, Fargo 1940
00075-572            Fargo (ND) on a rainy night 1940
00075-573            Drum Corps marching in parade, Fargo (ND) 1940
00075-574            Forum Building, Fargo 1940
00075-575            Broadway, Fargo 1940
00075-576            “Shopping Day’ on Broadway, Fargo 1940
00075-577            Barnett Baseball Field 3,500 seating Fargo 1940 
00075-578            Burlington (ND). Photo: Work Projects Administration
00075-579            Community Hall, Tolley (ND) built by WPA 1936
00075-580            Road marker Waubay (SD); Signs built by WPA showing: Webster 15 miles; Waubay 8 mi; other sign: 1 mi to refuge headquarters Recreational Area 11/2 mi Enemy Swim Lake 3 mi..
00075-581            Auditorium Jamestown (ND); Work Project Admin. 1936
00075-582            Airport terminal building Fargo 1930-1940 Work Projects Administration; Front right view showing airport station and watch tower above the first story; an airplane with two turbo propelled motors in foreground; one person on ladder checking a motor.
00075-583            Farmers Auction Building Valley City (ND); WPA November 13, 1936
00075-584            Log Cabin, Center (ND)
00075-585            Zeeland City Hall, Zeeland (ND)
00075-586            WPA construction of Arena, Fargo (ND) 1939
00075-587            Grafton Sport Arena, Grafton (ND)
00075-588            WPA Office Building, Tuttle (ND) 1938
00075-589            Auditorium Park River (ND)
00075-590            Lewis Kirkland with group on coyote and grey wolf hunt on North Grand River, Adams County (SD) 1905
00075-591            Three horses with colt
00075-592            Farm horses pulling a wagon
00075-593            Three year old Belgian Stallion, NDSU, Fargo (ND) 1940
00075-594            Western North Dakota polo enthusiasts
00075-595            Bronco corralled in a Western North Dakota roundup
00075-596            Bronco buster at a North Dakota rodeo
00075-597            Frank Jeffery sheep farm at Towner (ND)
00075-598            Roy Johnson sheep farm at Casselton (ND)
00075-599            Sheep herd
00075-600            Ewes at L. A. Stanley sheep farm, Milnor  (ND)
00075-601            Native lambs in Lawrence Roden feedlot Cass County (ND)
00075-602            Sheep                                                  
00075-603            Two 4-H prize winning sheep 1936                          
00075-604            Red River Valley feeders at Albert Sinner farm, Casselton (ND)                 
00075-605            Albert Sinner farm, Cass County (ND)                    
00075-606            Vaccinating cattle
00075-607            Angus bull
00075-608            Milk cattle 1940
00075-609            Short horn yearling at NDSU, Fargo (ND)
00075-610            4-H Club winner
00075-611            Cattle in field at Austin Hereford farm near Casselton (ND) 1900
00075-612            Aberdeen-Angus herd
00075-613            Loading beef cattle on a train cattle car, Killdeer (ND)
00075-614            Short horn cattle
00075-615            Cattle in Red River Valley
00075-616            Schultz and Son's Hereford cattle in Mouse River, Towner (ND)
00075-617            Cattle drinking from the Little Missouri River with Chateau de Mores in background
00075-618            North Dakota ranchers cutting out beef for shipment
00075-619            Cattle in western North Dakota
00075-621            Bird-Head Ranch, Williston (ND)
00075-622            Edsel Crist
00075-623            C. P. Ranch in western (ND)
00075-624            Chuck wagon "Grub Time"
00075-625            Fixing dinner out in the open range
00075-626            Cowgirls of a North Dakota roundup give the cook a hand with the dishes
00075-628            Branding calves
00075-629            Branding cattle
00075-630            The gals take a hand with the branding iron
00075-631            Branding steers
00075-634            High School girls hoeing Ida McCreary near windbreak ½ mile E of Carrington (ND) August 1939 
00075-635            Creamery built in 1896 New Salem (ND)
00075-637            St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church, Fairmount (ND)
00075-638            St. Anthony Church, Fairmont (ND)
00075-640            St. Michael School and Dormitory
00075-641            Busy Day at Senechal (ND)
00075-642            Farmers Union Creamery, Williston (ND)
00075-643            Russell Milling Co., Valley City (ND)
00075-644            Post Office, Dickinson (ND)
00075-645            Masonic Temple, Dickinson (ND)
00075-646            Methodist Church, Dickinson (ND)
00075-647            Quinlan’s Café (interior) Dickinson (ND)
00075-648            Beaudoin Service Station and Coach Cabins, Dickinson (ND)
00075-649            Bottling Works Dickinson (ND)
00075-650            US Highway 10 a few miles east of Medora (ND)
00075-651            Barnes County Court House, Valley City (ND)
00075-652            North American Creamery Company, Oakes (ND)
00075-653            Country road outside Fargo (ND)
00075-654            Moorhead Storage and Transfer Co.
00075-655            Mallard ducks on Dakota Lake in Dickey County
00075-656            Canadian goose nesting on Stony Lake (SD)
00075-657            Canadian goose nesting on Stony Lake (SD)
00075-658 – 662 Duck on Lac Aux Mortes
00075-663 – 665 Ducks over Cloud Lake
00075-666 – 667 Gulls flying over
00075-668            Canada goose nesting on Sand Lake (SD)
00075-669            Ducks: Coot nest 4 eggs and 1 chick at Horseshoe Lake;
00075-670            Ducks: young teal 1928
00075-672            Birdhouses to go up at Linton State Park, Linton (ND)
00075-673            Pigs "Hogging off Corn" NDSU Agricultural Experiment Station Farm Fargo (ND)
00075-674            One pig with two piglets drinking milk
00075-675            Hogs at 25 cents a bushel 1940
00075-675            Pigs eating at a hog feeder
00075-676            Roosters
00075-677            Herman Schettel turkey farm Arnegard (ND)
00075-678            Turkeys on Twitchell farm south of Wheatland, ND
00075-679            White Turkey Farm Fairmount (ND)
00075-680 – 681 Turkeys
00075-682            Turkeys on Roden Farm in Cass County, ND
00075-683            Threshing at Orris Nordhaugen farm, Lude (ND)
00075-684            Combining wheat on Jens Letner farm, Hillsboro (ND)
00075-685            Auguring harvested grain into truck
00075-686            First binder in the northwest on Main Street, Minot (ND)
00075-687            George Claridge with a McCormick-Deering combine, Lincoln Township section 23 south of Bismarck (ND) 1939
00075-688            Harvesting
00075-689            Shredding corn, Cass County (ND)
00075-690            Threshing in eastern North Dakota
00075-691            Man working on irrigation ditch
00075-692            Shocks of grain  1940      
00075-693            Durum wheat shocks on Gust Fagerlund farm near Rolla (ND)
00075-694            Wheat shocks
00075-695            Wheat on Andrus Farm near Mapleton (ND)
00075-696            Threshing wheat near Mott (ND) 1940
00075-697            Piling alfalfa haystack 1940
00075-698            Corn harvesting on Albert Sinner farm, Casselton (ND)
00075-699            Making a trench silo in Red River Valley
00075-700            Man plowing under sunflowers 1940
00075-701            Corn crop used to hold snow and stop soil from blowing on H. A. Kiefer farm Warwick (ND) 1939
00075-702            Sheyenne Valley in Griggs County east of Cooperstown (ND)
00075-703            Man on tractor plowing July 15, 1937
00075-704 – 705 Bison on Sully’s Hill
00075-706            Steer eating grain 1940 
00075-707            Stanton Livestock Auction, Stanton (ND)
00075-708            Wheat shocks in North Dakota
00075-709            Wheat shocks
00075-710            Wheat shocks in North Dakota
00075-711            Binders in wheat field
00075-712            House, barn and buildings on a rural farm
00075-713            Red River Valley Area Farm Cass County (ND)
00075-714 – 726 Farmhouse, barns, other buildings at a farm scene
00075-727            Birt Schwarting farm, New Salem (ND)                  
00075-728            Martin Reierson farm, Esmond (ND)                      
00075-729            Log cabin built in 1880 by Iver Raaen
00075-730            Meyer Guernsey farm near Fargo (ND)
00075-731            Rural farmstead
00075-732            Albert Sinner's farm Cass County (ND) 1930
00075-733            Men harvesting a field of sugar beets in Red River Valley
00075-733-1        Eight men harvesting sugar beets, Casselton (ND) 1940
00075-733-2        Albert Sinner's farm loading sugar beets on a wagon, Casselton 1940
00075-733a – 733b Sugar Beets Albert Sinner Farm, Casselton (ND)
00075-734            Three people with produce
00075-735            Sugar beets grown in the Red River Valley
00075-736            Sacks of onions
00075-737            Coal mining
00075-738            Truax-Traer Coal Mining Co. loading coal on a train
00075-739 – 741 Coal mining
00075-742            Truax Traer Lignite Coal Co. Minot (ND)
00075-743            Cars of lignite at Truax Traer mine, Velva (ND)
00075-744            Man driving coal train underground
00075-745            Coal car
00075-746            Mine inspector cutting for lumps
00075-747            Northern Pacific train
00075-748            Train loaded with coal
00075-749            Union Light and Heat Co., Fargo (ND)
00075-750 – 751 Coal mining in western (ND)
00075-752 – 753 Knife River Coal Mining Co.        
00075-754            Coal mine, Zap (ND). Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00075-755            Sakakawea Statue on Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (ND)
00075-756 – 758 Sibley Lake
00075-759            Long Lake, Moffit (ND)
00075-760            Boat house construction Snyder Lake
00075-761            Noonan Dam
00075-762            Ducks flying Cloud Lake
00075-763            Construction around Lake Ilo
00075-764 – 765 Pioneer Lake
00075-766            Grafton Dam, Grafton (ND)
00075-767            Tobacco Garden showing Cherry Creek
00075-768 – 772 Lake Kurle 1937
00075-773 – 775 Lake Patricia, rubble protection in spillway February 10, 1936
00075-776            Lake Stewart bath house and privy new construction
00075-777            Lake Susie March 8, 1937
00075-778            Lake Metigoshe, Bottineau (ND)
00075-779            Lake Upsilon in the Turtle Mountains
00075-780            Red River boat house, Fargo (ND)
00075-781            Boating on Red River near sunset
00075-782            Spring runoff on Red River 1935
00075-783            Red River, the old swimming hole
00075-784            Little Missouri River in the Badlands. Photographer: Allen Eastman, Dickinson (ND)
00075-785 – 786 Lake Kurle 1937
00075-787 – 788 Legion Lake construction            
00075-789            Road raised one mile north of Silver Lake Dam October 21, 1937
00075-790            Bridge on the #50, ¾ mile west of Silver Lake Dam
00075-791            Road construction near New Salem
00075-792            Road Construction near New Salem
00075-793 – 794 Storm Lake diversion ditch         
00075-795            Sidewalk construction, Larimore (ND)
00075-796 – 797 Lake Patricia, rubble protection in spillway February 10, 1936
00075-798            Snyder Lake boat house construction
00075-799            Lake Ilo, construction around
00075-800            Lake Kurle 1937
00075-801            Lake Stewart bath house and privy new construction     
00075-802            Maple River bank construction
00075-803            Little Goose Creek road construction
00075-804            Road project at Morton County
00075-805            Dam, Sunburst Lake
00075-806            WPA rip-rapping along the Red River April 22, 1936. Photographer: Paul S. Bliss
00075-807            WPA airport drainage project, Fargo (ND) August 20, 1936. Photographer: Paul S. Bliss
00075-808 – 809 F. R. Shanley and F. E. Tufte at Auditorium, Jamestown (ND) August 22, 1936. Photographer: Paul S. Bliss
00075-810            Tewaukau Lake showing rip-rapping
00075-811            Road construction
00075-812 – 823 Unidentified portraits, possibly WPA workers
00075-824            Pompeys Pillar (MT) postcard
00075-825 – 826 Man standing next to rock formation located 2 miles east of Fort Totten named "Devil's Tooth" because of shape
00075-827 – 832 Badlands
00074-833 – 838 Badlands
00075-840 – 841 Badlands
00075-842            Horse herd
00075-843            Palm Beach Tourist Camp, Badlands
00075-844            Trees covered in ice
00075-845            Ink sketch of Indians by W. E. Hook
00075-846            Dorf Haardt b. Neustadt mit Haardter Schlosschen

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