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Photographs - Collections - 0051-00100 - #00059

Title: Lulah Cavileer
Dates: ca. 1910-1920s

Collection Number: 00059

Quantity: 27 items

Abstract: Photographs of Lulah (Lulu) Cavileer, Dr. Howard Simpson, George F. Forester, a monument at Pembina (N.D.), an unidentified pontoon bridge and Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Provenance: The provenance of this collection is unknown.

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Lulah Belle Cavileer was born March 26, 1864, to Charles Turner Cavileer and Isabelle (Murray) Cavileer. Lulah was born at Kildouene (Kildonan), near Winnipeg, although her parents had established residence at Pembina, Dakota Territory. Educated at Pembina, then St. John’s Academy at Winnipeg, and finally at Carleton College in Northfield, MN, Ms. Cavileer specialized at painting and voice culture. Lulah Cavileer was a member of the Episcopal Church at Pembina for many years. She had four siblings, Sarah, who died in infancy, Edmund Kittson, William McMurray, and Albert Donald Cavileer. Lulah Cavileer passed away September 5, 1930, in Winnipeg, after treatment for cancer. She was survived by her brother, Albert, proprietor of the Cavalier Hotel, where Lulah spent the later years of her life.


00059-00001 Dr. Howard E. Simpson, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1900
00059-00002 Two women sitting on steps of a monument in Selkirk Park, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1920
00059-00003 Woman dressed in costume of an earlier time holds a small British flag in a field, Pembina (N.D.) 7/1928
00059-00004 Woman in Victorian dress poses in a garden with others in clothes of the 1920s, Pembina (N.D.) 7/1928
00059-00005 People gathered around a memorial stone, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1920
00059-00006 Woman in an astrakhan fur coat posing at a memorial stone, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1920
00059-00007 Memorial dedication ceremony outside with parked cars and seated people, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1920
00059-00008 Man and woman pose with baby in arms in the front yard of a two-story house, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1925
00059-00009 Three people pose outside a house with a sign advertising "Traveller's Rest,” Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1930
00059-00010 Woman stands between a boy and a man outside a house, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1925
00059-00011 Young man and some boxes on the bank of a river, ca. 1920
00059-00012 Woman on the steps of a stucco house with rosebushes, ca. 1925
00059-00013 George F. Forester at age 50, Seattle (Wash.) 1924
00059-00014 Lulah Belle Cavileer poses with two women and two men, ca. 1925
00059-00015 Group of men stand outside a building by a car with bottles on the wheel guards, ca. 1925
00059-00016 Man and a little boy sit in chairs in a campsite, ca. 1920
00059-00017 Monuments at Selkirk Park, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1920
00059-00018 Children outside in Lower Fort Garry (Manitoba, Canada), the Kildonan Selkirk Settlement, Manitoba ca. 1920
00059-00019 Postcard and verse featuring a child kneeling in prayer with a dog doing the same, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1905
00059-00020 Dog standing on a porch chair, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1910
00059-00021 Setter dog standing on a chair, ca. 1910
00059-00022 Honor Guard at a dedication, Selkirk Park, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1920
00059-00023 Honor Guard at the Selkirk Park, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1920
00059-00024 Officer salutes the Honor Guard, Selkirk Park, Pembina (N.D.) ca. 1920
00059-00025 Pontoon Bridge across a river, ca. 1915
00059-00026 Lulu Cavileer with hat on, seated outside with women and horses, Walhalla (N.D.) ca. 1915
00059-00027 Lulu Cavileer tempting a horse with handful of grasses, Walhalla (N.D.) ca. 1915

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