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Title: Fred R. Jefferis Oral History Photo Collection

Dates: 1884-1946

Collection Number: 00032-ML-07

Quantity: 44 items

Abstract: Photographs copied from personal collection of Fred R. Jefferis during his Oral History Interview in Washburn (ND), McLean County. The interview can be found on Oral History tape 577A&B.

Provenance: The North Dakota Oral History Project was undertaken by Larry Sprunk, with the cooperation of the North Dakota American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, the North Dakota Farmers Union, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota. The primary objective of the North Dakota Oral History Project was to conduct oral tape recorded interviews with North Dakotans who lived through the state's history and who could speak of this history from a first-hand basis. Interviewees were photographed at the time of their interviews. In addition, the project borrowed over 6,000 historical photographs which were copied and added to the State Historical Society's collection. Many interviewees also donated family histories, documents, letters, ledgers, books, and artifacts.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


00032-ML-07-01 – 02      McLean County Courthouse and Jail, Washburn (ND) November 13, 1912
00032-ML-07-03                Birds Eye View, Washburn (ND)               
00032-ML-07-04                Nora  Erickson, Joseph H. Taylor, and Frances Brannon at Painted Woods Lake 1910
00032-ML-07-05                Turtle Lake (ND)
00032-ML-07-06                Herman Hanson coal mine 5 mi. west of Turtle Lake        
00032-ML-07-07 – 12      Washburn Landing
00032-ML-07-13                Fiddler and accordion player in covered wagon at Washburn Outdoor Pageant ca. 1945-1946
00032-ML-07-14                Men around campfire and covered wagons at Washburn Outdoor Pageant, Washburn (ND) ca. 1945-1946                                           
00032-ML-07-15                Cowboys doffing hats at Washburn Outdoor Pageant, Washburn (ND) ca. 1945-1946
00032-ML-07-16 – 17      Group and covered wagons at Washburn Outdoor Pageant ca. 1945-1946
00032-ML-07-18                Milking cow with covered wagons at Washburn Outdoor Pageant ca. 1945-1946
00032-ML-07-19                Governor Fred Aandahl (center) at Washburn Outdoor Pageant ca. 1945-1946
00032-ML-07-20                Native American drumming group at Washburn Outdoor Pageant ca. 1945-1946
00032-ML-07-21                Alfred G. Arvold, from N.D.A.C. speaking at Washburn Outdoor Pageant ca. 1945-1946  
00032-ML-07-22 – 23      Large crowd on hillside singing at Washburn Outdoor Pageant ca. 1945-1946
00032-ML-07-24                Alfred G. Arvold directing the band at the Washburn Outdoor Pageant ca. 1945-1946     
00032-ML-07-25                Group in Colonial dress before Washburn Outdoor Pageant crowd on hillside ca. 1945-1946
00032-ML-07-26                Crawler, age 90 lives near Bull Head (ND)             
00032-ML-07-27                Schoolhouse, Washburn (ND) 1884: Ag. Johnson, Ada B. Musson, William Rhode, Belle Rude, Hilda Sallerlund
00032-ML-07-28                Woodman Lodge Members  on steps of first McLean County Courthouse 1896: Dr. Charles Forbes, I. J. Haugeberg, Anton Peterson, Tom Peterson, Gust Carlson, Alex Casper, Larry Casselman, L. M. Wallin, Bill Allen, Luke Eskes, August E. Johnson, William Lindell, Bob Mann, Andrew Edlund, Mike Westmiller, Axel Johnson, Joe Brown, Lawrence Smith
00032-ML-07-29                Fort Sheldon crew ice harvest, Washburn (ND) 1905       
00032-ML-07-30                T. T. Nerby's Nonpartisan League oil well, Robinson (ND) 1940
00032-ML-07-31                "Its Last Salute" after the explosion, Energy (ND) July 4, 1911
00032-ML-07-32                McLean County Courthouse       
00032-ML-07-33                Fair, Underwood (ND) July 4, 1908          
00032-ML-07-34                Native American group, Underwood (ND) after the 4th of July parade 1909
00032-ML-07-35                Home of Bob Tower, west of Underwood (ND) Thanksgiving 1906
00032-ML-07-36                Harvesting on the John Fisher farm near Blackwater (ND)            
00032-ML-07-37                Jacob Wolf family mass funeral 1920; murdered near Turtle Lake (ND)       
00032-ML-07-38                Elevator, Washburn (ND) 1905
00032-ML-07-39                Washburn Outdoor Pageant put on by Alfred G. Arvold from North Dakota Agricultural College ca. 1945-1946
00032-ML-07-40                Captain Grant Marsh, famous Missouri River navigator  
00032-ML-07-41                Knights of Pythias Lodge 1899: Nelson, Robert Tower, Trevey, Best, Dahl, Esker, August Wahl, F. Grambs, G. Gussner, Hoskins, H. Hulberg, Oberg, H. Robert, T. Hauhchue, Louie Pfister, A. Johnson, Joe Macy, H. Holtan, O. Wing
00032-ML-07-42                John Satterlund
00032-ML-07-43                Hunters and game
00032-ML-07-44                Ole Everson's breaking outfit early 1900's Washburn (ND)

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