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Title: Mrs. Sibyl Hall Oral History Photo Collection

Dates: 1887-1937

Collection Number: 00032-LM-15

Quantity: 64 items

Abstract: Photographs copied from personal collection of Mrs. Sibyl Hall during her Oral History Interview in Edgeley (ND), LaMoure County. The interview can be found on Oral History Tape #463A&B.

Provenance: The North Dakota Oral History Project was undertaken by Larry Sprunk, with the cooperation of the North Dakota American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, the North Dakota Farmers Union, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota. The primary objective of the North Dakota Oral History Project was to conduct oral tape recorded interviews with North Dakotans who lived through the state's history and who could speak of this history from a first-hand basis. Interviewees were photographed at the time of their interviews. In addition, the project borrowed over 6,000 historical photographs which were copied and added to the State Historical Society's collection. Many interviewees also donated family histories, documents, letters, ledgers, books, and artifacts.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


00032-LM-15-01                A header in operation, Edgeley (ND)
00032-LM-15-02                Grand Pacific Hotel , first hotel in Edgeley (ND) 1887
00032-LM-15-03                First School built in 1889
00032-LM-15-04                First National Bank of Edgeley (ND) interior
00032-LM-15-05                Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Potts and Manuel Potts
00032-LM-15-06                Breaking ground for new church                              
00032-LM-15-06                Cook car for threshing crew; $8.00; Mrs. Bertha Wanke                 
00032-LM-15-07                Methodist Sunday School, Edgeley (ND) 1918
00032-LM-15-08                Breaking and sowing flax with a Chase engine and Chase plow. Outfit owned by N.J. Paulson., Medberry (ND) June 13, 1910
00032-LM-15-09                Edgeley High School basketball team 1911
00032-LM-15-10                Engine, bundle teams, separator, blower to straw stack, grain tank
00032-LM-15-11                Dr. Morius, Alex Olson and Ben Decker with car strung with shot birds 1926
00032-LM-15-12                Harvest scene                  
00032-LM-15-13                Mill built 1904, burned
00032-LM-15-15                Men in cars in front of Sheils and Weaver Harness and Vehicles store
00032-LM-15-16                Bill Gurney and Margaret and Tom Hancock at Northern Pacific wreck in 1907
00032-LM-15-17                J. E. Bowen driving REO automobile                        
00032-LM-15-18                Baseball Team, Edgeley (ND) 1895: A. E. Garder (Manager), L. A. Washburn, James Monroe, Clint-Hickox, C. M. Washburn, Otto Voight, Charles Hull, W. H. Cofell, Bill Fields
00032-LM-15-19                Circus, Edgeley (ND) Fourth of July
00032-LM-15-21                J.C. Pavely discing 40 acres per day, Edgeley (ND)
00032-LM-15-22                Mules ca. 1906-1907      
00032-LM-15-23                Jud Bowen on water tank                           
00032-LM-15-24                Fourth of July Celebration, Edgeley (ND)
00032-LM-15-25                Jud Bowen's Land Office                              
00032-LM-15-27                C. H. Sheils home built 1907. Methodist parsonage since 1923
00032-LM-15-28                Sanborn store interior, Medberry (ND)
00032-LM-15-29                "Modern farming. Breaking and sowing flax with a Case engine and plow on the farm of N. J. Paulson, Medberry (ND) June 13, 1910
00032-LM-15-31                International high wheeler with hard rubber tires. Walt Davis had one in 1937 parade     
00032-LM-15-32       Party looking for land, taken out by Mr. Sheils and Mr. George Weaver land agents                        
00032-LM-15-33                Bob Young cattle shipment                         
00032-LM-15-34                Main Street, Edgeley (ND) 1905
00032-LM-15-35                Edgeley Juvenile Band ca. 1912: Glenn Martin, Delmer Schaper, Francis Hull, Cecil Harrison, Cecil and Jack Hancock, Cecil Campell, and Sam Spitzer
00032-LM-15-37                George Bedwell Blacksmith Shop                            
00032-LM-15-38                Bargain House, Edgeley (ND)
00032-LM-15-39                Harvesting near Edgeley (ND)                                   
00032-LM-15-40                Threshing scene                              
00032-LM-15-40                Ed Wood             
00032-LM-15-41                Mrs. Claude Resler, Anna Hall                    
00032-LM-15-42                Working with header, Edgeley (ND)
00032-LM-15-43                Elk team owned by A.E. Gardner                             
00032-LM-15-44                J. D. Carpenter’s clay house 1903             
00032-LM-15-45                First National Bank                         
00032-LM-15-46                Farmstead
00032-LM-15-47                George Chamber's team                             
00032-LM-15-48                Just after a snow West side of Main Street, Edgeley (ND) 1896
00032-LM-15-49                Sheils and Weaver, Real Estate 1908
00032-LM-15-52                Edgeley Baseball Team: Ralph Hall, William Long, Dr. Green, and Harry Weaver
00032-LM-15-53                Salisbury team                 
00032-LM-15-54                Ormedby and son threshing rig, Edgeley (ND)
00032-LM-15-55 – 58 Jonas Potts farm and home
00032-LM-15-59                Hot air balloon, Edgeley (ND)
00032-LM-15-60                Artesian well completed in 1893, Edgeley (ND)
00032-LM-15-61                Cook car for threshing crew                       
00032-LM-15-62                LaMoure players                             
00032-LM-15-63                Nitschke family with sod house and hog south of Jud (ND) ca. 1920-1930              
00032-LM-15-64                A gathering of bicycle clubs at Grand Pacific Hotel, Edgeley (ND) 1898

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